Viridian 2018 MLM Review

Viridian MLM ReviewCan you really fire your boss and replace your income with the Viridian MLM business opportunity?

Read this review and let’s find out…

Established Company:

Viridian was founded back in 2009 by a former Network Marketer named Michael Fallquist.

According to Viridian he has over 30 + years as a successful networker, team leader and even executive in some companies.

It’s always good to be lead by someone who has walked the walk and not just the talk!

Viridian Product Line:

They seem to be based on the Utilities and Travel niches.

Products that solve problems for people who want to save money with their utility and Travel bills.

Stuff that will save you money on your energy bills and vacation packages.

Compensation Plan:

Residuals: They are set up to pay out residuals based on a binary comp plan which seems to be the norm for MLM’s.

Referrals: Viridian is using a uniline comp plan that allows you to make extra income from building a downline team.

There is also a ton of ranks that you can rise through that usually accompany most MLM models.

Direct Commissions:

Viridian rewards the people that are good at selling their packages to retail customers.

1- Residential and small commercial accounts-  $30 and $10 to up line sponsor.

2- Large commercial accounts-  75% GV.

3- Travel Light membership-  $50.

4- Residential solar installation-  $1,000 and $50 to upline sponsor.

Start Up Costs:

$99 initially and then ongoing monthly autoship of $39.99.


The good news is that Viridian seems to be a well established company that has a lot of credibility to leverage.

They also have real legitimate products that are valuebased and solve real problems for real people.

No Scam here!

It’s a good company and opportunity.


There is obviously a lot of good with Viridian.


There is some bad as well.

Yes we do live in a Universe of duality and if there is light then of course there must be some darkness.

Now don’t get me wrong as I am not trying to make this review sound like something out of a ghost story.

The Bad:

The training that they are offering you is outdated.

The old build a list of warm market friends and family spiel!

Truth be told…

Your family and friends are the worst prospects!

Here’s a news flash…

Most of them are not Entrepreneurs and couldn’t care less about your products or comp plan (even if it can help them)!

Most of your family and friends would be satisfied with a more ‘secure’ job, a regular house and car…

Barbecues on the weekend!

A vacation once a year.

Three foot rule?

People in a 3 foot radius are not your prospects.

Most of them are going to judge you and will shut you down before you even have a chance on selling Them!

And the idea of going door to door trying to save people real $$$ on their utility bills?

People hate door to door salesman even if they need your products.


Most people in Network Marketing fail because they follow ‘outdated’ training from the 60’s that don’t allow them to share their business with enough qualified prospects.

The old school approach that MLM companies still teach ONLY work for the company and not for the average rep.

MLM companies figure that the average rep can make 2 or 3 sales (at most) to Uncle Buck or Aunt Becky (which in turn makes a ton of sales for them…having thousand if distributors all doing this.

But here’s the problem…

Two or three sales does not equal financial freedom, isn’t that right?

Financial freedom with a home based business means you need 2 or 3 people getting started ‘every’ day!

If you don’t have enough business leads, then your business is like having a secret business and it becomes ‘dead’ in the water along side your dreams!

What can you Do?

You need to put your self ‘in front’ of your REAL Target market.

Your real target market are people just like you (other network marketers) who are ‘already’ online looking for a better lifestyle. These people will not ask you stupid stuff like – “Is this a Pyramid Scheme?” and if you present yourself right…they will pull out their credit cards and join your business.

Your alternative?

Run around town (putting out desperate energy) hoping to recruit.

Entrepreneurs make calculated decisions and they don’t base them on wishes and hopes!

This concludes the Viridian MLM Review.

Here is a Powerful System (Online) that will teach you how to become the ‘hunted’ instead of they guy or gal doing the hunting (for prospects).

We provide all the training. We provide all of the tools. We are legit! And best of all…

We have a very powerful offer that has ‘already’ given many people just like you FREEDOM with a home based business.

Simple, Straight Forward and Lucrative!

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