Video Magic Formula Review

Video magic formula founders:

This product and system have been created by Art Flair and Vick Carty. They are well-known for promoting many quick and easy success internet marketing products.

We are well-known on YouTube for marketing and promoting ClickBank, jvzoo and even Warrior Plus affiliate products.

Video Magic formula cost:

– The basic cost is $10.

– Reseller license cost $9.97.

– One-time upsells ranging between $37 –  $147. These obstacles are for more advance training.

How does video magic formula work?

Be here is simple, this is a video software creator that supposed to are you you have the ability to access already done for you videos to help brick and mortar business owners position they’re advertising on Google Maps.

It’s basically shortcut that’s supposedly gives you an easy shortcut to start your own profitable Google Map business.

Local lead generation targeting:

A local lead generation business is when an internet marketer provide services to help brick-and-mortar businesses advertise on Google and other search engines.

What’s included in the video Magic formula?

– A whole bunch of videos that are already created with the idea of advertising generalized businesses.

– Pre written email template that you can use to send to business prospects.

How do you make money with the video magic formula?

The idea here is simple…

Use this system and product to sell video advertising packages on Google Maps2 businesses in the brick and mortar world.

According to the founders, you can make $3,000 or more per month with this one idea.


On paper this seems to be a good idea.

But in reality it may not be so easy has the sales page claims.

How can you make $3,000 per month?

According to the creators of this product, all you have to do is follow the instructions in the box quickly and easily to sell these video promotion kits to ‘unsuspecting’ and hopefully desperate business owners for the price of $297 a pop.

This really quick and easy?

Things always look good on paper, but when trying to figure out if something is going to work for you it’s always best use common sense.

Unfortunately in this make money online industry we have many desperate people trying to get out of there jobs.

And unfortunately when people are desperate they can give up their god-given common sense.

Nothing great is quick and easy.

In truth there are no overnight success stories.

Whenever you see people making money consistently online, usually they have months and even years of experience under their belt.


I don’t recommend products like the video magic formula. The reason that I don’t recommend this product is because of the income claims Promises of quick and easy success.

If success was truly quick and easy online then the creators of this product would not be working hard every single day making video after video to ‘serve’ people on YouTube.

The local lead generation business is a very lucrative business.

There are already marketers providing these types of services two local businesses in every area.

The cost of this product is very questionable along with the income claims the creators are making.

Let me ask you a question…

Do you honestly believe something that cost as little as $10, or even $19.97 can actually provide you enough valuable quality videos that are tailor fitted for every single business?

I am sure the creators of this product could actually come up with very valuable videos of quality to actually serve brick-and-mortar businesses.

However for the price that they’re asking, you must remember the Golden Rule…

And the golden rule is we always get what we pay for!

Making money for yourself by providing a service for Brick and Mortar entrepreneurs comes down to your ability, skills and experience in sales.

Brick-and-mortar business owners have to be ‘convinced’ that you could actually give them what you’re trying to promise them.

What this means is…

If you are promising to position their business on page one of Google for free advertising by leveraging Google Maps then you better be able to deliver!

Sales is not hard but it comes down to confidence.

The people who are confident and successful with marketing local lead generation business niche are usually the people who make money.

They make money because they are confident.

They are confident because they have experience and can actually deliver what they are promising.

Online with internet marketing we see this over and over. The marketer who are the most confident and have the most skill sets make most of the money.

This concludes my video magic formula review.

Still looking for a sustainable income online?

Well you are going to need training on how to become a successful affiliate marketer. You are also going to need traffic creation sources. You are also going to need a ‘curriculum’ (how to step by step instructions).

And lastly…

You are going to need a Lucrative Affiliate Program!

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