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Heard about Vick Strizheus and wandering if he is the ‘real deal? I have seen a lot of reviews claiming that he is a ‘scam’ artist but is this really true? Maybe you have seen some of his systems and are wandering if they can really help you breakthrough online? These are just some of the things I am going to cover in this review:

The first thing that I would like to say before going any further…

I am not affiliated in anyway with Vick in anyway and not promoting any of his systems at the time of writing this article. That may change in the future but this is how it is for now.

If you are reading this article right now, then chances are that you have heard of some of Vick’s systems like:

1- BIM (Big Idea Mastermind)

2- High Traffic Academy

3- Project Breakthrough

It seem that Vick has broken records online for the leader in Empower Network who has made the most income ($710,000 over a 28 day period).

This doesn’t mean that he made the most income in EN but over a 28 day period, he brought in the most sales.

I have also seen other reviews claiming that he broke the record of Internet Marketer who has made the most income online overall. This is also inaccurate. There are other marketers who have made more than Vick.

However, that does not take away from Vick Strizheus as being one of the most successful marketers online to date.

The guy is a professional and clearly knows what he is doing.

The Good:

Golden Nuggets: Vick gives great advice in regards to making money online and the stuff that he tells people to do, can actually help you make your ‘own’ breakthrough online.

So far almost every video or audio of Vick’s that I have ever heard always seemed to contain a lot of value.

There was always some advice that I could use to towards my own overall success online.

When Vick Strizheus speaks marketers who are ‘already‘ successful listen.

This should be a clue that if marketers who are already successful online are listening to him, then newbie marketers can gain value from him as well.

So there is clearly a lot of proof around the Internet that Vick is actually helping people and educating them on how to get traffic, make conversions and money online.

Rumors that David Wood kicked Vick out of Empower Network?

Yes unfortunately it seems like this was true.

However, I think David Wood and his former CEO Jonathon Cronstedt had their own interests in mind.

It seemed that some of Vick’s past did come back to haunt him and Empower Network didn’t want any part of it to hurt their own success.

They didn’t seem to have a problem welcoming Vick back in 2012 when they felt that his large following of marketers from High Traffic Academy could help the overall success of EN.

But once Vick’s past started stirring up issues, they just kicked him to the curb.

Here is a post directly from Vick himself on this matter that he titled the Truth About Empower Network.

The Bad:

Back in 2009 when Vick was about 20 years old he was convicted of an insurance scam. Yes to most people this would be a red flag right off the bat implying that he is some kind of scam artist out there to get your money for his ‘own’ personal gain.

In truth most marketers are involved in Internet Marketing (maybe even you right now) because they want to put dollars into their own pockets.

And this is a good thing.

Because if you can’t succeed online, then who the heck can you actually help succeed?

Vick is only human and like the rest of us, he has made some mistakes in life and online.

But we can not condemn him for life because of this.

I think that this video will actually make a lot of people join Vick and follow him after seeing it.

Why would they still join him?

Because he is relating to them in a human way showing them that he can make mistakes in life too and recover from them due to lessons learned.

Most people keep having the same things repeat over an over in life because they didn’t learn the lessons that they needed to learn the first time around.

He is actually portraying it in the ‘introduction’ video of his Project Breakthrough System.

Some of you may be thinking right now that he is some big time scammer after seeing that video of him being convicted.

And no I am not affiliated in anyway with Vick Strizheus.

I am just sharing some background info on the man and some common sense regarding how we can ‘perceive’ what he has done in the past.

Let me tell you something…

Some of these so called ‘Newbies’ who come online trying to figure out how they can profit from the Internet would rob you blind if they could.

Just because there is a 97% failure rate in this industry doesn’t mean that all of those 97 percent are ethical or honest.

Here are a is a screen shot of mixed comments regarding this video from some people who like him and others who dislike him:

There will always be people who will follow you for what ever reason once you become a successful marketer. However, if you ever become as successful as Vick is right now, you will most likely attract a lot of haters too.


Be warned what you are about to see in the following video does not necessarily mean that what the host of the video is showing you what happened to him is true.

Here is a video by Michael Miller who says that Vick Scammed him by profiting from his affiliate links and traffic:

Now at the time of making this video, did Michael Miller actually have an ‘active’ affiliate link?

What I mean by active?

When you are an active affiliate, you are actually paying a monthly subscription to be able to make personal commissions from someone else’s system.

And if you cancel or do not honor your monthly subscription, you will become ‘inactive’ and all of your sales pages will automatically ‘role up’ to the next active sponsor in your upline.

Here is my question to Mike Miller regarding this very topic:

I am still waiting for his reply as this should be very interesting.

And here is something that I find really interesting…

Vick Strizheus has obviously made a ton of money online with any given system that he has used.

Now wouldn’t some of the people who signed up through specific marketers links not be aware of the fact that they ended up joining Vick instead of someone else that they intended to join?

If this really happens most of the time, then why don’t we hear more stories of people claiming that they tried to join JOHN DOE’S affiliate team and ended up joining the system’s owner instead.

This could mean two things if that was actually true:

1- The sign ups felt that they were lucky to have actually joined the system’s owner instead of the ‘up coming’ marketer.

2- If they knew that they were supposed to be joining Joe Shmoe’s team and joined Vick instead after signing up with Joe and remained quiet about it, this could mean that they felt they could prosper better because they joined under Vick by mistake.

What that really mean’t if that was true was a ‘doubled’ edge sword (a dutch axe).

A Dutch Axe swings BOTH ways.

One way against you because you didn’t say something out of greed for your own silence.

Another because it will surely come back to you in the form of ‘Cause and effect’ (Karma).

So I don’t really know if Vick scammed the guy above (Michael) or anyone else for that matter.

There are tons of complaints hating on the guy but wouldn’t we have heard more complaints of others expecting to join under someone else but ended up joining Vick instead?

I would surely think so.

Now that you have heard about the bad and ugly about Vick, there just has to be good too right?

After all we are in a Universe of ‘Duality’ which means that if there is Good, there must be bad too.

And there are obviously lots of signs of success from people who have followed Vick in the past and those who still follow him now…


So is Vick Strizheus some kind of super guru or just an Internet scammer out to scam you out of your money?

Some people believe he is legitimate while some people believe he is a scammer.

Some even believe that he is a combination of BOTH.

I honestly get the feeling that Vick is a guy that made mistakes in his past and

has learned from those mistakes.

I don’t know for sure if he ever did scam people by ‘capitalizing’ from his affiliates affiliate’s links redirecting to his own.

But one thing that I do know for sure is that we do live in a Universe of ‘Cause and Effect.

What ever we put out to the Universe has to come back to us Good or Bad.

If we put out good more than bad, then more good has to come back to us.

I also realize that there are many haters online.

People will hate for no reason.

There are many successful marketers who hate Vick out of jealousy.

And there are tons of people who are bitter because they have not  found success online even after being at it for years.

When ever you hate or complain about something you need to know that what you are doing is actually ‘focusing’ on it.

And as Vick once said that is like “shooting yourself in the foot”.

Shooting your chances for success that is.


I feel that Vick is the real deal. A guru with mass appeal who offers the marketplace an immense value…

The greatest way to increase your own paycheck (and net worth online).

This concludes my Review of Vick Strizheus.

Thanks for reading!

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