Velocity Token Review

Velocity Token ReviewIs this Velocity Token the real deal or just another Ponzi Scheme pretending to be one?

That’s the Million dollar question right there!

Let’s find out…

Velocity Token the company:

I went on over to their website and realized that this is another case of anonymous owners.

No President, CEO, Chief, Cook or even bottle washer!

No one!



After doing so many reviews I have come to the realization that the great majority of people on this planet who have bought into the idea of Crypto (hook line and sinker) don’t really care about anonymous owners.

These folk just want to get paid lol!

They couldn’t care less if  ole Colonel Saunders rose from the grave (yes the KFC founder) and secretly was behind the scheme.

All they care about is the kaching kaching!

But here lies the great problem…

Anonymous owners means that these cats can cut and run.


And if for some reason you didn’t get your investment money…

You couldn’t a damn thing about it!

And that right there my friend is why most of these types of system owners choose to remain anonymous.

Okay let’s get into this…

Velocity Token Product Line:

They don’t have any retailable products or services at the moment.

The only thing that their affiliates have to market is the affiliate membership itself.

Compensation Plan:

Velocity Token has a very simple comp plan…

You as an investor will have to purchase points (VTN) from them and then lend them back to the company for a variable rate ROI.

If this is your first encounter with these types of Crypto deals, you may be shaking your head wandering who cooked up a plan like that.

But this is the norm for these deals.

Velocity Token has 4 Plans:

1- Invest between $100 – $1,000, receive the daily rate plus a daily bonus of 0.19% for a period of 200 days.

2- Invest between $1,010 – $5,000, receive the daily rate plus a daily bonus of 0.2% for a period of 150 days.

3- Invest between  $5,010 – $ $10,000, receive the daily rate plus a daily bonus of 0.25% for a period of 100 days.

4- Invest $10,010 – $50,000, receive the daily rate plus a daily bonus of 0.3% for a period of 60 days.

It seems the more risk you are willing to take, the shorter your maturity period will be.

There is a show called Ice Road Truckers on the History channel.

When the truck drivers have to take their heavy trucks over ice crossings, they have a term for the nervousness that they experience…

They call this a ‘white knuckle’ ride.

Can you imagine someone putting down fifty grand and then nervously waiting the 2 month period wandering if they will ever get their money back?

It would surely be a white knuckle rise for sure!

Referral Commissions:

Velocity Token is paying out referral commissions on 3 levels deep using a uniline comp plan as follows:

1- 5% (personally sponsored affiliates).

2- 3%

3- 1%

Cost to join:

1- Free (for all Network Marketing professionals). But you can only make referral money.

2- $100 minimum for those passive investor folk.


Velocity Token looks like another Ponzi Scheme / HYIP that revolves around recruitment for revenue.


I don’t recommend this platform.


Too many red flags:

1- Anonymous owners.

2- Promise of Income. Anything that promises you an income for doing absolutely nothing is a red flag!

3- Velocity Token has the old trading bits to create revenue to pay investors theme.

Do you believe That?

If so then you possibly believe in the tooth fairy too.

If these dudes has a bot that could spit out crypto…

Then most likely they wouldn’tbe sharing it with you (a total stranger).

Unless they are philanthropists.

Do you believe that?

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