Unifii Review

Find out what other reviews of Unifii / unifii.io (and the company itself) are not telling you! There are just too many pieces of this make money puzzle that just don’t add up!

When you have been in this make money game as long as I have, you think that you’ve seen it all and then comes Unifii and there star spangled bandits.


Okay, let’s get right into this Unifii Review…

Unifii.io was privately registered on May 5, 2018. This indicates an almost brand new platform (based on the time of me writing this review).

Unifii The Company:

I went over to their website at unifii.io and for the life of me can not figure out who is running this company and platform!

No President, CEO or even Co-founders!

No one claiming any ownership (or leadership) of this company, platform and system!

Why is that?

To me, most reputable company owners usually stand proudly displaying ownership of their creation.

But for some reason the ‘Anonymous’ people BEHIND Unifii are not doing that.

Rumored CEO:

I did some more digging around online and found out that Unifii reps and affiliates are proudly naming a man by the name of “Ron Montaruli” as their CEO.

So for me personally, the next question that came to mind was why wasn’t this mans name, picture and Bio on his own website?

This led me to believe that they (owners of Unifii) have something to hide!

But the Million dollar question was what and from whom?

Chief Marketing officer of 3T Networks:

Yes as it turns out, the CE0 of Unifii and the Cheif Marketing officer of 3T Networks are one in the same!

So this leads me to the next point…

3T Networks and Unifii most likely are being run by the very same folks!

3T Networks Decline:

3T Networks emerged early this year and didn’t do so well for their investors.

As per an Alexa.com search, it seems that their traffic has been ‘steadily’ declining since the beginning of April.

When ever a sites traffic starts declining it’s a sign of things to come…

A sign that the popularity of 3T Networks is diminishing.

Just like before a Tsunami hits land fall, the ocean along the coast disappears!

Well with systems like 3T Networks, this is a glimpse into the near future!

And once this happens, this is a ‘signal’ that a system is on the Verge of collapsing!

So what does this have to do with Unifii (a separate company) you may be asking?

Well the fact that Unifii and 3T Networks are most likely run by the very same ‘anonymous’ group and if 3T Networks is indeed on the Verge of collapsing, then wouldn’t Unifii be a ‘new’ cash cow for them?

Yes, no, maybe So!

And if all of this stuff is indeed true, then the majority of investors (from 3T Networks) will lose a lot of their hard earned money!

So how does this affect Unifii?

Well if one system (owned by the same group of people) collapses and then causes their investors to lose their money, wouldn’t the other system (that they own) have the same affect?

I  would think So!

Unifii Product Line:

Their main product is called Prosperity U.

This product is a telegram App.

This product is supposed to signal investors about ‘special’ Alt Coin reports.

Cost to Join Unifii:

Cost of Prosperity U is $279.95 (one time) and then $79.95 per month.

Compensation Plan:

1- Affiliates make $60 for every  $279.95 (Prosperity U) product sold.

2- For every ongoing monthly subscription of $79.95, affiliates make $15 per month per active subscription.

Referral Commissions:

They pays out referral commissions on 5 Levels deep using a Uniline Comp plan as follows…

Level 1- $60

Level 2- $20

Level 3- $25

Level 4- $15

Level 5- $5

Residual Commissions:

Unifii is paying out residual income by utilizing a 3 X 9 Binary Matrix Compensation Plan.


I don’t recommend this platform.


Well if the information about them potentially being a replacement for the declining 3T Networks wasn’t enough, then the following red flags may be of interest to you:

Red Flag No.1– Anonymous owners. Yes there may be a person named Ron Montaruli as CEO (who some affiliates rumored him to be), then who else is he working with and why aren’t they on the Unifii.io website?

Red Flag No 2- If their Prosperity U product gives members value, where is the proof that it does give people signals?

Red Flag No 3- Astounding Claims:

Unifii seems to be boasting a 640% return between July to December 2017 and a 157% between Jan to April 2018.

How can this be true?

The Unifii Platform was only created on May 5, 2018!

This concludes my review of Unifii. Thanks for reading!

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