Tudor Games Review

Tudor Games ReviewWhat will they think of next? Well Tudor Games sure has come up with something that’s  for sure! Video gaming meets the Investment world! All complete except for just one thing…

The video games!

The idea of gaming seems innocent enough but is Tudor Games really legit or are they just another scheme in the overwhelming world of Ponzi la la land?

Let’s find out…

Tudor Games the company:

I went over to their website tudor-games.org and for the life of me can not figure out who is running this show.

No President, CEO,  chief, cook or even bottle washer!

Do you think that these anonymous owners actually believe any one will actually send money to anonymous people?

Well on the contrary this kind of thing seems to be the going trend nowadays.

col sandersWe have millions of people who seem to want their peace of the pie so bad that they couldn’t care less if Colonel Saunders (The KFC guy) rose from the dead and started a scheme to put money into their wallets!

The only thing these Crypto chasers seem to care about is getting paid and at the lowest risk.

Isn’t that an insane idea?

A ton of desperate folks taking out loans (and even second mortgages) to FUND Ponzi Schemes owned by people who are anonymous?

Well in the year 2018 this is what seems to be happening!

Tudor Game Claims:

According to these anonymous owners, they are The largest investment developer for London.

And they claim that they have been around since 2013.

But for some reason they only incorporated on April 5, 2017.

Then they privately registered their domain and built their site tudor-games.org on April 22, 2017.

I  wander why they only did this April, 2017 If they have been in existence since 2013 as they are claiming?

And this doesn’t end there.

The address that they have linked to their incorporation certificate in London is currently a Construction site!

Yes there address seems to be a Construction site in London that was established in September 2017.

Before that, this address was registered to a Supermarket called Sainsbury.

So what’s really the truth here?

Is Tudor Games really in London?

Well the good ole UK incorporation laws don’t seem to be helping things for all the digital gold diggers come lately…

It seems that anyone can easily obtain them (INC certificate) nowadays.

Tudor Games Product Line:

They have no retailable products or services at the moment. Even though they are claiming to be a video game developer that seems to be the pride of the London Investment world, they are not even offering video games as a product.

Why am I mentioning products or services in relation to a system that seems to be offering securities?

Because they are heavy into the world of Network Marketing recruitment and promotion.

However, legit MLM companies usually have real products or services.

Tudor Games has nothing other than membership attached to a money making deal.

Compensation Plan:

Tudor Games has a simple plan. Invest your dollars and receive a promised ROI.

They have 2 plans:

1- Invest between $10 – $10,000 and receive an overall ROI of 111% after 11 days.

2- Invest between $30 – $30,000 and receive an overall ROI of 154% after 35 days.

Referral Commissions:

Tudor Games is paying out referral commissions on both initial investments as well as something called Partner Game membership.

Initial Investment (referrals):

Tudor Games is paying out on 4 levels deep using a uniline comp plan:

1- 5% (personally sponsored affiliates).

2- 2%

3 & 4- 1%

Partner Games Membership (referrals):

You must first invest at least $1,000 (or get someone else to invest at least $10,000.

1- 8% (personally sponsored affiliates).

2- 3%

3- 2%

4- 1%

Cost to join:

1- Free (only earn referral commissions).

2- $10 – $30,000.


This definitely seems like a Ponzi Scheme/  HYIP.


Tudor Games has too many red flags!

1- Anonymous owners.

2- Promise of Income. Anything that promises you an income for doing absolute nothing is a red flag!

3- Revenue Creation: Tudor Games claims that they have been developing video games for a long time and this revenue is used to pay investors.

They also claim that they have been the pride of the Investment world since 2013 in London.

Where is the proof?


I don’t recommend this platform.

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