Trinity Mining Review

Beware of other Trinity Mining ( reviews trying to sell you on ‘biased’ information! Legit BTC mining rigs in Portugal? Misleading address in Panama? And up to 325% annual ROI? Is this even sustainable? Is this Legitimate or a Scam? Let’s find out…

Type of Platform:

They seem to be an MLM based type of investment platform that supposedly has mining facilities in Portugal. They feature BTC, BTC Gold, Ethereum, Litecoin and Zcash Mining.

Trinity Mining The Company:

I went over to “” and can not  figure out who is running this company, system and platform.

No President, CEO, Founders, CMO or CFO.

No one claiming any ownership or leadership on their own website legally.

What we have is a case of ‘anonymous’ ownership.

When ever people are anonymously owning something, most likely they have something to hide.

Virtual Office Address:

Trinity Mining is sporting an address linked to Panama. But unfortunately it’s a virtual office address.

With virtual address, pretty well anyone with a credit card can get one almost anywhere in the world.

So at the moment, Trinity Mining seems to exist in Panama in name ONLY.

Trinity Mining Product Line:

They have absolutely no retailable products or services. The only thing their affiliates have to market is the make money ROI membership.

Compensation Plan:

Invest your money (or convince others to invest) and you can earn a promised annual ROI.

They Have 4 Investment Plans:

1- Bronze: Invest between $500 – $1,000 and receive 230% annual ROI.

2- Silver: Invest $2,500 (or more) and receive a 250% annual ROI.

3- Gold: Invest $5,000 (or more) and receive a 275% annual ROI.

4- Platinum: Invest $10,000 (or more) and receive 325% annual ROI.


If you decide that you want to cash out early, Trinity Mining will charge you a penalty for not waiting the full year:

Daily Withdrawals: 10%

Weekly: 8%

Monthly: 5%

90 Days: 4%

6 Months: 2%

9 Months: 1%

Referral Commissions (Partner Profits):

Trinity Mining is paying out referral commissions down to 6 levels deep (using a uni line compensation plan) based on certain criteria:

Level 1- Earn a 30% mining credit or 20% commissions.

Level 2- Earn 10% commissions.

Group Volume:

$250K: If you can get your downline to invest $250,000 (collectively), your referral earnings are paid out as follows:

Level 1- 30%

Level 2- 15%

Level 3- 10%

Level 4- 5%

$500K: Downline GV of $500,000:

Level 1- 30%

Level 2- 20%

Level 3- 10%

Level 4- 5%

Level 5- 2.5%

$1M Downline GV:

Level 1- 35%

Level 2- 25%

Level 3- 15%

Level 4- 15%

Level 5- 10%

Level 6- 2.5%

Cost to Join:

1- Free for Network Marketers

2- $500 minimum for passive income enthusiasts.


This company seems to offer a very big windfall. Promised ROI (annual plans) are right through the roof!

Up to 325% ROI on their top plans.

Is this sustainable?

Personally I don’t think any investment company in their right mind would offer that kind of return if they wanted to stay in business. In my personal opinion…

I don’t feel like this platform is set up for long term success.

Yes it’s nice to offer investors high return but if it’s too high of a promise, this can be a recipe for their demise.


I don’t recommend this platform.


There are just too many red flags!

1- Anonymous ownership: Any time owners are not publishing their ‘real’ identities on this type of deal, it’s most likely because they don’t want to face any ‘liabilities’. These types of platforms (in my opinion) are HYIP systems that are now offering people the idea of Crypto Mining as an enticement.

But in reality, most of these types of systems rely on Network Marketers to go out and convince new investors or other network marketers to join and invest.

Once recruitment dies down (or the authorities shut them down), the system usually collapses taking MOST people’s invested funds with it.

2- Promise of Income: Anything that promises you an income especially online, is a big red flag! You may say…

“But we are investing”.

Yes but you may be potentially investing into a ‘Ponzi’ Scheme!

3- Revenue: According to Trinity Mining, they have real equipment and facilities in Portugal. However, they provide no proof that any such mining is really taking place.

Over the last year or so, we have seen so many similar systems promising the world and all have claimed that there was real mining happening but in reality only a very small percentage of systems had any mining occurring at all.

I don’t recommend this platform. If you want to try it out, then proceed with caution but please take full responsibility for your actions and don’t blame anyone for them (if you decide to invest and experience any losses).

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