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If you are looking for a review of Taurise (crypto mining rigs and MLM opportunity), then most likely someone pitched you their affiliate link and you are doing your due diligence and research.

Good for You!

Because with so many Scams that keep popping up ‘every’ day (and so many people who have already lost a lot of money), you really need to look out for yourself!

Okay without further ado, let’s get right into this Taurise Review…

Taurise The Company:

On their company website (taurise.com) they are claiming that a fellow named Robert MacKay is the man in charge and heading up this system.

I  instantly thought to myself after seeing this…

Is this really the person responsible for creating this platform and is this his real name even?

I know that is quite an assumption to make but have you ever noticed that the majority of these Crypto deals that revolve around ‘recruitment and referral commissions) usually have ‘anonymous’ owners running the show!

And in the past when ever we are names, pictures and even bios, they usually turn out as bogus info!

Taurise Promo Video:

This video that they created features ‘Robert MacKay’ the alleged owner who seems to be reading off of a script.

And very poorly I might add!

This looked ridiculous!

And then they showed video footage of their mining rigs which led me to the next question…

Is this even for real?

Well thanks to well known companies like USI Tech and BitConnect (two very well known names in the Crypto niche), we can no longer believe everything we see!

Both USI TECH and Bitconnect were proudly displaying ‘live footage’ of their mining facilities which eventually turned out to be fake.

Taurise Product Line:

The Questionable mining rigs seems to be their products.

Taurise Compensation Plan:

Basically you as an investor will have to invest your money for the ‘promise’ of ROI.

Taurise has 7 Investment Plans to choose from:

1- Beginner: Invest between $30 – $199 and receive a 118% ROI over a period of 10 days.

2- Standard: Invest between $200 – $999 and receive 140% ROI over a period of 20 days.

3- Medium: Invest between $1,000 – $9,999 and receive 180.5% ROI over a period of 35 days.

4- Sociable: Invest between $700 – $5,000 and receive 187.5% ROI over a period of 25 days.

5- Royal: Invest between $10,000 –  $100,000 and receive a 225% ROI over a period of 50 days.

6- Family: Invest between $5,000 – $20,000 and receive a 280%ROI over a period of 40 days.

7- Server: Invest between $500 – $30,000 and receive a 345% ROI over a period of 70 days.

Referral Commissions:

Taurise is paying out referral commissions on 8 Levels deep using a Uniline Comp plan as follows:

Level 1- 7% (personally sponsored investors).

Level 2- 4%

Level 3- 2%

Level 4- 1%

Level 5- 0.5%

Levels 6 to 8- 0.1%

Leadership Bonuses:

Taurise seems to be placing more emphasis on recruitment by rewarding people for recruiting as many people as possible!

The people that have the best overall performance and recruitment abilities will get paid even more!

Cost to Join:

1- Free but you will get zero training and can only earn referral commissions.

2- $30 minimum for everyone else.

Take risk only when ever it’s in your favor.


To me personally, I don’t recommend this Taurise System.


Because there are just too many red flags!

1: Their Promo video looks very cheap and scripted. The ONLY people that will buy into this video are the Network Marketers who will be ‘desperately’ trying to promote this deal!

2- Is this Robert MacKay fellow really in charge? Usually these types of ‘Crypto’ MLM deals have ‘Anonymous’ owners and leadership just in case they get in trouble with the law. Rob just doesn’t give me the feeling that he is the ‘Alpha’ running the show. He is giving me the impression that he is just a ‘puppet’ because of how he is speaking using a scripted video.

3- Proof of Revenue? Well, there is none! Taurise is showing footage of Mining and Equiptment that is supposedly theirs. Do you remember what happened with USI Tech and BitConnect (2 of the biggest Crypto / MLM / Scams out there?

Well they both displayed video footage of their supposedly mining rigs and facilities at some time or another. Then in the end we on the Internet finally discovered that it was all a ruse. It was all fake.

What makes you think that Taurise is any different?

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Rory Singh

Rory is a Husband, Father and Entrepreneur from Ontario, Canada. If you got some value here today and would like to connect, reach out to me on Facebook.

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  1. Joseph

    Hello sir, I’m Joseph from South Africa
    I need some advises from you sir .And what I want is a legit cacompany that I can invest with.becouse I have lost too much money in this kind of busines. because I’m not advanced to technology to research ,so now I’m suffering becouse I have to pay back the loan of $14000 and I have to pay school fees to my younger brother to university, give sosupport my family of 5 members ,while I’m earning $1000 .please sir be one of my Angel to rescue me from poverty .I want to testify in my life that you are my hero. God bless you amen,

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