Super Funnels Review

Should you buy Super Funnels? Is it the right fit for you?

Success with this product comes down to your experience and skill set.

Not all products are a good match for all people.

Find out if this super funnels system is a good fit pricing for you.


Front end: $19.97

Upsell 1 – $67

Upsell 2 – $197

Upsell 3 – $197

Upsell 4 – $97


Brendan mace and Jono Armstrong

These 2 guys have a lot of experience and credibility in creating systems that convert online.

They are reputable.

What makes this super funnels system different from others?

This system is more geared towards the new and inexperienced marketers rather than Advanced marketers.

The idea is and all in one done for you sales funnel that’s affordable for the Newbie.

3 ways to communicate with your leads:

1 – email marketing
2 – messenger bot
3 – push button notifications

Who Should Buy This Product?

I think this is the million-dollar question right here.

Different products are more suited for different people with different experience and skill sets.

Super funnels should be purchased buy new and intermediate marketer that don’t have too much experience with affiliate marketing.

It is a great way for a new marketer to cut their teeth and grasp a generalized understanding of how traffic, conversions and affiliate marketing works.

Super funnels Pros:

  • newbie-friendly
  • affordable
  • all-in-one platform
  • back-end training
  • very attractive and compelling lead capture pages


I don’t recommend this system for the more advanced marketer who is looking for long term sustainability with affiliate marketing.

If you have already have some experience and results under your belt, I would advise you to get your own tools.

Tools like your own email software like Aweber or Get Response, lead capture page creators like Lead Pages and even sales funnel creators like Click Funnels.

Why do I recommend this for the advanced marketer?

Because using your own tools are more reliable for the long term.

Using your own tools also makes you look more professional add more advanced which will help you put more dollars into your bank account.

People love to buy online, people love affiliate marketing products but more importantly…

People love to buy from those that they regard as professionals and more advanced then they are.

Is Traffic Really Built In?

Early in this review, I said that the founders / creators are reputable marketers and system creators. However, what I mean is they are reputable in regards to creating systems where people who market them successfully (like those guys on You Tube doing super funnels reviews to sell it) online make money (conversions).

But now with that being said…

The initial price is $19.95.

Can you expect anything so cost effective to give you all the FREE Traffic that you need to make dollars online?

I would think that if you are actually using common sense, you would say no.

So in truth there is no system that is 100% Done For You with Traffic built in.

If traffic was really built in to this thing, then everyone would just be successful after buying it.

Your job as a marketer (or upcoming marketer) is to learn how to create your own traffic on demand.


This looks like a good system for the new or intermediate marketer that’s looking to get some generalized information and how to strategies and Concepts on how affiliate marketing works.

However, if you are more like me someone who has already some experience, then I would recommend that you get your own individual internet marketing tools and sales funnel creators.

Still Looking For A Legit Opportunity?

Here’s a system that not only teaches you:

1- How to get your ‘own’ traffic

2- How to position yourself as a professional (who people online would actually want to buy from)

3- Has a very Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Program

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