Rumors that Top Producer Tony Rush has left Empower Network

There seems to be a lot of rumors circulating around the Internet lately (especially) over a the Empower Network community. People are wandering if Tony Rush left EN for a better opportunity or if he is still involved with David Wood’s money making blogging machine.

Or is this just a made up rumor?

Apparently Tony Rush and Empower Network have parted ways officially. He is now pursuing another opportunity according to a post that he made on Facebook.

Does this mean that Empower Network is too saturated for Tony?

I don’t think that Tony can’t make money with EN due to the recent drop in ‘over all sales, the guy will make money where ever he goes until he starts hitting ‘dry spells’ in his career.

A dry spell is when your profits and following starts to ‘dry up’ just as a well will eventually. Sometimes it can happen in your career (way to early) because of ‘bad’ decisions made out of selfishness or greed.

However, I think Tony has experienced a ‘drop’ in sales from what he was used to and has been introduced to another ‘escalating’ income opportunity by a past mentor of his. One of the comments below by one of my disgruntled visitors called Tony an ‘Opportunist’. What do you think?

Empower Network is saturated but still seems to be making leaps and bounds with there new upcoming blogging platform and system upgrades.


Because David Wood uses the law of ‘reciprocity’ very well.

What is this law?

It is a ‘universal’ law that goes like this…

What ever you give out, so shall you receive. Yes it is similar to ’cause and effect’ but I am referring to this being a ‘good’ karmic law instead of a bad one.

Empower Network is basically giving a ton of value to the whole network marketing and Internet marketing industries in their promotional material as well as their ‘paid for’ services that are purchased by each affiliate.

Every day there are so many new people getting started.

People join people but more importantly…leaders.

So if you are new, just hang in there until you make your breakthrough online. Even though Tony Rush left Empower Network, this doesn’t mean you should too.

Guys like Tony are not only Internet Marketers but also ‘investors’. If they see a new opportunity that they can do well, sometimes it’s in there best interests to pursue it on top of what they are already doing.

Empower Network and the community will definitely miss him but life goes on.

If you are interested in Empower Network, Tony’s story won’t really make any difference in success.

Your success will be determined by your actions, decisions and perseverance and this goes for any opportunity or industry!

Want to become successful just like Tony?

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