Project Breakthrough Review – Success in 14 Days?

Can you breakthrough in just 14 days? Is it really FREE? How much does this project really cost? Is this legitimate or just some scam to get your money? These are just some of the questions that I will cover in this review.

First of all, before I go any further with this post, I would like to address that I am not an affiliate of this program. However with that said, this program and system are still impressive and the founders are BOTH Solid and have quite impressive backgrounds.

Is this Really FREE?

FREE Training: First of all I would like to say that this system is free to access the videos. You don’t have to pay anything extra to get the training that comes with this system. That’s their promise to you.

This training is geared for the ‘new’ marketer but I feel that the intermediate and Veteran marketers can also gain value from the free series.

You will never know everything that you need to know online (and in life) no matter how great your results are.

Things will always keep changing.

The day that I think I know everything is the day to start taking a dirt nap under the daisies.

How Much Does this Project really Cost?

As I said above, the 14 day video course is free. However there is ‘optional’ advanced training that you can purchase for extra. I’ll say this again (in another way)…

The ‘basic’ 14 course is free and will give you a ‘foundation’ for how to set up an Online Business and get it up and running profitably. However, there are more ‘advanced’ (better training) that can be purchased for annual prices.

Here is a breakdown of the ‘Paid for Advanced‘ Courses (Optional):

Facebook Marketing 101 – $397/year
Twitter Marketing – $297/year
Email Marketing – $297/year
PPC Mastery – $997/year
Content Marketing – $297/year
Video Marketing on YouTube – $397/year
Retargeting with AdRoll – $397/year
Retargeting with Adwords – $297/year

Each course will cost you roughly $30 to $40 per month if you break the annual cost down.

Additional ‘Optional’ Courses ($177 / mo):

The Marketing Roundtable ($177)
Core Traffic Training ($177)
PPC Mastery ($177)
Retargeting with Adroll ($177)
Email Marketing 101 ($177)
SEO Traffic 101 ($177)
Content Marketing 101 ($177)
Video Marketing 101 ($177)
Funnel Mastery ($177)
RLSA with Google Adwords ($177)

Should you purchase all of these courses?

I have seen other reviews trying to bash this system while trying to get visitors to go with their systems instead. Some people are telling you that these courses are way too expensive.

Look, first of all no one should really try to learn every form of marketing under the sun.

This will only get you frustrated and overwhelmed with info overload…

One of the main reasons why so many people fail (quit) in this industry.

If you are a beginner and you want to purchase on of the advanced courses, then choose ONLY (1) of those courses that really resonate with you.

Don’t choose all of them.

No one is twisting your arm right?

However, from an affiliate stand point…

I would want to position myself as much as possible to be able to earn commissions and increase my overall earning potential.

Is this Legitimate or Scam?

By now after reading so far you should be getting the idea that this is an official, legitimate training series that has the ‘OPTION’ to be used as a Business. No scam here.

The Project Breakthough Program is founded by Vick Strizheus and Jason Mcclain who BOTH ‘Collectively’ have over 40 years experience online making money and teaching others how to do the same.

These guys are rock solid and know exactly what they are doing.

They are ‘master’ marketers.

Some other reviews are calling them scam artists but if you look closely…they seem to be calling almost every other system and founders scams (except for theirs).

It’s quite obvious to most people (right from the introduction video) that Vick has made some mistakes when he was quite young in the past.

However he alike us are human (at least I hope you are lol).

We all make mistakes.

Vick has some of the most successful students and followers online.

So the guy must be doing something right don’t you think?


Can you make your online breakthrough in 14 days?

Look, we are all adults and children shouldn’t be doing business online.

Success in any industry takes hard work, determination and perseverance  in order to succeed.

I think a lot of newbie marketers will get attracted to this system with the idea of ‘easy’ success especially with the homework that they give you like making affirmations and writing your goals down.

I have read many of those comments and it seems like there are lots of people who think they will find success easy with this system.

This system is very impressive and offers a ton of value but your breakthrough will cost you time, money and lots of effort.

If I were new, I would definitely take the 14 day training (hell I am taking the training anyway) because it’s free.

And if you like the training and see the value for yourself, upgrade to the paid training.

The prices for the advanced training is ‘reasonable’.

Some people will tell you that it’s too expensive.

And I say they are nuts to think that.

Look, success for you with this industry can mean FREEDOM for LIFE!

And a program that can cost you ($30 to $40) per month is too expensive? You don’t have to buy them all right?

Just the ones that ‘resonate’ with you.



I strongly believe that MOST people will fail in Project Breakthrough or any other business because they don’t know how to generate their ‘own’ business leads, don’t know how to ‘transform’ into a leader, they don’t know the art of sales psychology but most importantly…

They don’t have the ‘right’ mindset.

Here is a system that incorporates all of the features that I listed above PLUS it focuses mostly on teaching you how to change your mind set to one that will actually support you instead of working against you.

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