Power Life Pro Review – Is it Really FREE?

In this Power Life Pro Review…What’s Behind all the HYPE, Smoke and Mirrors Show? The Marketing System, its product line and it’s REAL Potential. Can this make you money? Is it really free to join or is that too good to be true? Does this system have the power to deliver or just another ’empty’ promise.

These are just some of the things that I will be covering in this review.

If you are here today then most likely you got an email from a high profile marketer because at the time that I am writing this article, this system seems to be in ‘pre-launch’.

So yes it still has a lot of room for your growth with this opportunity.

If you are here today, then chances are that someone shared a link with you or maybe you were talked into chasing another ‘shiny’ object by someone who knows how to influence.

But if your success has seemed to be ‘elusive’ for you lately, then maybe another shiny object just won’t do it.

The Company and It’s General Product Line:

The company behind this marketing system is a Water Filtration System company that started out in Japan called Enagic.

So in a nutshell, the Power Life Pro Marketing System is basically an online feeder system that sells Enagic Products.

A high powered marketing system on the ‘front end’ and the MLM (real and reputable) company on the back end.

So basically if you get started using this system, you can have the ability to market the water filtration products online as opposed to doing ‘personal’ selling the traditional way…belly to belly.

Enagic doesn’t only deal with just simple water filtration products, it actually specializes in its end product called…

‘Ionized Water’.

Ionized water is basically a process where the tap water flows into this ‘filtration’ unit that is portable and easily mounts to your kitchen tap.

As water flows into the system, it goes through a series of filters including one made of charcoal. Bacteria and chlorine gets removed.

Now this is where things get interesting…

A process called ‘electrolysis’ takes place where the tap water gets separated into alkaline and acid fractions leaving you with what Enagic claims is a ‘healthier’ form of drinking water.

Now whether that is true, I can not say as I am not a professional in the area of drinking water.

Benefits of Kangan Water:

1- Removes 95% of chlorine.

2- Removes bacteria (charcoal filter ETC)

3- Better overall health.

Enagic seems to be a very well established company from Japan that started originally as a division of the Super Corporation of SONY back in 1974 where they started operations in Okinawa Japan.

That reminded me of Pat Morita for some reason. I believe his character in the 80’s movie…Mr Miyagi came from that part of Japan.

The Marketing System:

Power Life Pro seems like a very powerful marketing system that features a well known marketer…Adam Whiting who was known for his role in other system like Ipas and the Prosperity Team (One of the fastest growing and most successful teams in Empower Network).

Those guys know systems and know how to create buzz, conversions and offer some of the best training that I have ever seen online.

So If some of the Prosperity Team are behind this system, you should expect to see good or even great results by using it.

Leads Will Be Tagged To YOU:

This seems to be a great feature. As you use the system and start generating leads, it ‘tags’ each lead to you.

This process is supposed to discourage your leads from trying to ‘sponsor’ shop for people with more experience than you.

However, from all the craziness that I have seen people do online, these overzealous types of people (masses that pursue this industry) seem to always find some ‘loophole’ into a leaders team.

Why do they do that? 

Mike Dillard wrote a book back in the mid 2000’s and he claimed that the great majority of people in this industry don’t feel like they have what it takes to succeed (this is a mental and personal ‘confidence’ issue) so they go out actively seeking someone to give them the ‘short cut’ to success.

And nothing seems to have changed since Mike wrote that book.


1- Paid Marketing

2- FREE Marketing Methods

3- How to get low cost traffic to any offer

4- How to prospect on Facebook and get paid

5- How to rank you tube videos on the first page of google

Pros and Cons:


  • Good Product that offers better water
  • No sign up fee
  • No auto ship
  • No stock piling of products
  • No distributor fees
  • No time limits
  • Powerful System
  • Great Training
  • Leads ‘Tagged’ to you


  • Nothing is really free
  • Expensive products
  • Finance the product and business opportunity
    or have to pay $1,200 to $5,000 to join
  • Highly competitive due to big players who
    are heavily promoting this opportunity.
  • Have to still ‘own’ the products in order
    to become a ‘distributer’
  • Rank qualification: Your earning potential will still be influenced by your ability to rise up the ranks in this program.

Is it Really FREE to Join and Use:

Now this is where things get interesting. This is the part that you may have been waiting to hear about.

Look,  it takes money to make money.


This system is free to create an account and get familiarized with the system.

However, to get started with this system, you have two options:

1- Get approved to become a ‘distributor’ by applying with good credit because there will be costs in starting this business up fully.

2- Pay ‘up front’ fees of $1,200 to $5,000 depending on the level that you want to be able to sell at.

So in truth, it doesn’t appear to be completely free to join and start earning commissions.



It seems like a powerful system that was created by some very successful marketers who understand conversions. It seems like the system does all of the selling, telling and explaining for you.

rory-singh-the-authorAnd it seems like the products and company behind this system is reputable and solid.

However, success takes hard work, skill set, determination, mindset and lots and lots of traffic.

If you feel like you have those kind of things in place already, you and this system may be a good fit.

And if you don’t, just know that your results can only be determined by one person.


What your willing to do for yourself, how far you are willing to go and how ‘ethically’ you will approach this business.

One of the ‘MAIN’ reasons why so many people keep failing hand over fist is because of ‘Mindset’ issues along with the fact that they don’t know how to become an influencer. Here is a system that can teach you those two very important and crucial things!

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