Pandex Review – Legit BIG Ticket ROI Investment or Ponzi Scam?

Pandex ReviewDo you really think Japanese Billionaires really own Pandex? Is this a Legit Investment opportunity or just another well thought up Ponzi Scheme to get your money? Read this review before joining!

Let’s find out…

Company and Founders:

Anonymous Owners

I went over to their website and for the life of me can not figure out who is running this show.

No Owners!


No founders, chief cook or even bottle washer!

Then I did a domain search and found out that it was registered on January 4th, 2016.

It seems to be registered to a woman named Sharleen Lewis.

I could not find any info on her outside of the company.

I wander if she really exists.

Japanese Billionaires:

Pandex claims that a Japanese Billionaire named Minoru Mori was the original founder.

Unfortunately Mr Mori passed away in 2012.

Yes he really was a Billionaire.

However I am not really certain that he had anything to do with this investment offer that solely revolves around the idea of MLM without real products and services.

At least with MOM the real ones sell products or services through independent reps and distributes.

Pandex Today:

Today they are claiming to be run by Marko Milosevic and another Japanese Billionaire named Hiroshi Militari.

I can believe the part about Milosevic but why would any Japanese Billionaires in their right mind want to deal with the headaches of recruitment?

And if there really was a Billionaire in the company…they would be feeding off his already established credibility!


Billionaires don’t care about MLM and recruitment and especially the problems that come with Ponzi Schemes.

They wouldn’t risk there credibility on this kind of thing.

They wouldn’t even bother as the profits from this kind of system would be just a drop in the bucket compared to what some of these guys make on a daily basis.

Pandex Compensation Plan:

It cost $100 and up.

4 plans to choose from:

1- SGX- Invest $100 (or more). Promise of 17.01% monthly ROI.

2- Lime- Invest $500 (or more). Promise of 26.67% monthly ROI.

3- NASDAQ-  Invest  $1,000 (or more). Promise of 32.76% monthly ROI.

4- Cryptocurrency-  Invest  $5,000 or more and receive a 40% monthly ROI.

Referral Commissions:

Pandex seems to be paying out on 7 levels deep.

These commissions will be based on how much you invest and not just based off a set percentage.


I don’t recommend this platform.


There are just too many red flags!

Red Flag No 1- Anonymous owners.

Red Flag No 2- Pandex claims that their Revenue is being created from legitimate trading.

Where is the proof?

Red Flag No 3- Promise of Income. Anything that promises you an income for doing absolute nothing is a red flag!

Red Flag No 4- Japanese Billionaires running this show. Really?

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