Paid Nova Review

Paid Nova the company:

No information whatsoever regarding company address or founders.

What we seem to be dealing with is a case of anonymous ownership.

What is paid Nova?

According to their website at they are claiming to be one of the largest influencer networks.

How does an influencer network really work?

Through a legitimate website online portal, you get access too real influencers from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and even YouTube that already have a huge following and clout in this online industry.

For a fee, these real life influencers will advertise your products and services to their Network of followers and buyers.

Legitimate influencer networks are really joint ventures.

Unfortunately paid Nova is not this!

Fake testimonials:

I noticed they also are using fake people with fake testimonials.

One of the ladies was Mary K. And Mary’s photo is actually a stock image.

A stock image is an image that comes with website builders real people that you could use on your websites.

Mary K photo was found readily available on many different websites after I did a Google search on her image.

The income claims on the testimonials are all so ridiculous…

$67,000 to $97,000 etc.

How does this scheme work?

I clicked on the how this works link directed me to a pop-up web page that asked me notifications to prove that I was ‘not’ a robot.

Button notifications would mean that they would have the ability to send me spam via my smartphone anytime they wanted.

I clicked block and lo and behold I was redirected to ads…

Porn, Viagra and even weight loss ads.

According to paid Nova, all you have to do is sign up, share your link with family and friends and get paid!

How the heck are they going to pay you $300 a day for just joining and sharing your link with family and friends?

What truly seems to be happening is that they are compiling your personal information along with your family and friends personal information I’m selling that two more Anonymous people.

They also are making money by getting you to get your family and friends to visit the paid Nova website which in turn gives them lots of free traffic to their ads.

They make money with your personal information and also from people to their AD network.


Paid Nova looks like a very huge scam.

Red flag number one: Anonymous ownership.

Red flag number 2: Outrageous income claims.

Red flag number 3: Fake testimonials.

Red flag number 4: Their website links lead to ads so they can make money.

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