Noble 8 Revolution Review

Noble 8 Revolution ReviewIs Noble 8 really Noble and Legitimate or just another Ponzi Scam to get your money?

Let’s find out…

Noble 8 Revolution The Company:

After a visit to it was finally really nice to see a website that actually had some real people on it.

Jim Anderson Is the President of this organization. According to their website,  Jim has over 30 years of experience in the Network Marketing industry.

For me this is a breath of fresh air.


Because after doing so many reviews (that keep turning out to be HYIP Ponzi Schemes), it’s really nice to finally see some real people behind a system.

This does not guarantee that there are no risks involved even with real people, however they will be more inclined to do a better job of trying to remain compliant and reputable.

Anonymous owners on the other hand have absolutely nothing to lose and pose the greatest risk since they can shut down their systems and run off with your money at any time.

So does this mean that all company owners who show up on their company website have more integrity?

The fact of the matter is that this in no way guarantees their integrity.

It just means that they are now legally liable for any legal damages any of their members may experience if the company did anything illegal or dirty.

All company owners should be on their own website if it’s profit they are after.


Apparently this is not Jim Anderson’s first company…

He was also President of another company called Noble 7 Crowd Funding that was launched in early 2017.

Unfortunately Noble 7 (an opportunity some folks are calling a Ponzi) is now off line for whatever reason.

Should we condemn Him and Noble 8 Revolution for relaunching a new platform?

Everyone should be given a break but if there seems to be a history of abuse, then that’s another story.


The company is donating 10% of every dollar earned to charity. This is a wonderful way to ‘give’ back to the community.

Noble 8 Product Line:

They seem to have different membership levels that are linked to Personal Development digital products, weekend training events and even luxury vacation conferences.

Noble 8 Revolution Compensation Plan:

They have 4 (3 X 5) Matrices. Each of these Matrices houses 243 positions each. When any of the levels are filled, a cycle is generated and a commission is paid out.

1- Novice Matrix:

Cost $25 (for the purchase of a Life Mastery Academy Course). This purchase gets you a position on top of your own matrix. When all 243 positions are filled the payout is a whopping $777,600.

2- Apprentice Matrix:

Cost $300. Once all positions have been filled a $3,898,000 commission is paid out.

3- Mentor Matrix:

Cost $3,000. Once all positions have been filled a $24,300,000 commission is paid out.

4- Master Matrix:

Cost $8,000. Once all positions have been filled a $48,600,000 commission is paid out.

How does this work?

I will give you a brief explanation using the first Matrix (Novice):

Level 1-

  1. $25 gets you a position on top of a 3 X 5 Matrix.
  2. Below you are 3 positions that need to be filled.
  3. You sell 3 $25 products of the Life Mastery Academy Course and a earn a $25 commission.
  4. This now completes the 1st level of the Novice Matrix.

Each of these 3 positions will split into 3 more positions each to form (each level splits in the same manner to create the next level of the Matrix)…

Level 2-  Houses 9 positions. Once all these positions are filled a cycle is generated and a you earn a $102 commission.

Level 3 Houses 27 positions and once they are all filled you earn $2,140.

Level 4- Houses 81 positions and once they are all filled you earn $47,840.

Level 5- Houses 234 positions and once they are all filled you earn $777,600.

What I liked about Noble 8 Revolution:

I liked that fact that they have ‘personal development’ products. Before you can earn more income in your life, you will have to build your mindset. The personal development will slowly create the better version of yourself by allowing you to rewire the way that you think from inside out.

If you want freedom in your life you will first have to ‘free’ your MIND.

Personal development is the way.

I also like the fact that they are donating 10% of every dollar earned to charity. This is a very loving thing to do.

What I didn’t like:

I don’t like Matrix deals.


In a perfect world all you have to do is get 3 people and help them each get their 3 and so on. But in the real world most people will just join and sit back and wait to see if they make any money ‘before’ doing anything. Most people won’t do a damn thing.

Back in the past when I have tried these types of Matrix deals, I end up on a Matrix all by my lonesome trying really hard to fill these positions.


This doesn’t seem to be a scam. I think some people can make a lot of money with this system (if they have learned the skill set of marketing and conversions) just as long as the company stays in business and does what they are promising.

I prefer Top Tier Direct Sales because you usually get better training and tools. Plus that business model pays out 40 – 60% commissions on each product sold (without having to build a down line for profit or commission).

Here is the –>>ONLY System that I will ever recommend.

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