NetQube Review

NetQube ReviewFinally a good review of NetQube written by a Non Affiliate! Find out what you need to know before joining! Can you make money without recruiting? Is this platform sustainable? Or is it just a Scam to get your money?

Let’s find out…

What exactly is NetQube?

It’s a Social Networking Platform that’s based on the MLM niche. It’s a place online where ‘like’ minded Entrepreneurs can meet up, Network, share knowledge, learn and even earn together.

This community is a mixture of Successful Entrepreneurs from BOTH the Network and Internet Marketing industries.

NetQube the Company:

It was started towards the end of 2017 and hasn’t fully launched to the public but the doors are wide open for founding members.

NetQube CEO:

A gentleman by the name of Dan Wolfganger (from Baton Rouge, Louisiana) is at the helm of this stars ship.

Dan has decades of experience in the Network Marketing industry.

He has even owned a previous company not too long ago.

I even recall seeing his name on a surf board in a back office of another affiliate program that I was part of 3 years (or so) ago.

His name appeared on the Leaderboard for that company many times (as did mine).

Based off the comments from other members of that previous said system (and even from that system owner), it seemed that Dan got a lot of respect from the affiliate marketing community in general.

NetQube Product Line:

They have products and services based on helping people make money online that are tied to an affiliate membership.

None of these products are retailable or open outside of the membership.

With that said…

There seems to be a wealth of information open to NetQube members!

Even though I am not an affiliate of this system, it seemed very impressive.

One of the training products that members will have access to is called ‘Digi’ Millionaire.

This training alone will teach you the basics of Digital Currency Trading.

Over the past year so many shady types of Crypto platforms (that promised the world but delivered dirt instead) took millions of dollars from so many ‘opportunity’ seekers.

Now from what I understand in the Digi Millionaire training module, you won’t need to ever rely on some third party platform to start your own trading.

You’ll be able to exucute your own Arbitrage style of trading that is 100% legit.

And this is only 1 of the training products that they have!

NetQube Compensation Plan:

$25 Commissions:

You can earn $25 per affiliate that you personally sponsor into the system. Yes $25 from each and every affiliate.

Recruitment Bonuses:

1- Sponsor 4 affiliates over a period of 30 days and earn an extra $50.

2- Sponsor 6 affiliates over a period of 60 days and earn an extra $50.

3- Sponsor 15 affiliates over a period of 120 days and earn an extra $500.

4- Sponsor 25 affiliates over a period of 180 days and earn an extra $1,000.

5- Sponsor 50 affiliates over a period of 12 months and earn an extra $3,000 bonus.

And much more!

Residual Commissions:

Residual income is paid out by using a 3 X 10 Matrix (Binary).

This is a forced Matrix where leaders can help new affiliates with over spill ETC.

This type of Matrix allows positions to fill by a company wide team effort.

Cost to Join NetQube?

There is an annual fee of $199.95.

There isn’t supposed to be any other fees such as monthly fees (as far as I understand).

Many Different ways to make income?

NetQube has connected with many big named companies (who used to advertise heavily on television).

Nowadays most people no longer watch television live like just a few years ago.

Today people are either on Facebook or you tube or even Netflix.

And because of the large group of membership that’s being expected with NetQube, you can make money by performing tasks.

X amounts of tasks fill a unit called a kube and once that happens a cycle is made and a commission is paid out.

Type of tasks (examples):

1- Generate a lead.

2- Generate a phone number.

(CPA / cost per aquisition ETC).

3- Surveys.

Much more!

No Recruiting Necessary?

No you don’t have to recruit as I have mentioned above in the ‘tasks’ section.

Complete tasks, fill qubes and make extra money!


This seems like a great opportunity. It is legitimate and is obviously Not a Scam!


Yes I recommend NetQube even though I am not marketing it!

However, keep in mind that the marketers who will make the Lion’s share of the profits will be the people who have learned how to recruit.

Yes I did say you can make money without recruitment (above).

But the people who can recruit online will make the most!

Thanks for reading my review!

Did you know that the Most Successful Internet Marketers are also the Most INFLUENTIAL?

Well it’s true!

Because here’s the thing…

If you don’t know how to influence anyone, then no one will join your business (even NetQube). And if no one joins you (or buys your stuff), then your business (and success) will be dead in the water!

Don’t let this happen to you.

Sponsoring and recruitment can be very easy (after you learn the ‘simple’ process).

Want to start your process?

Hold those big checks on stage?

Live the Laptop Lifestyle?

Live on the beaches ‘of’ the World?

Here’s a ==>>Powerhouse System (that will teach you ‘exactly’ how to become an Influencer).  It can even help you become successful with NetQube.

Simple, Straight Forward and Lucrative!

Rory Singh

Rory is a Husband, Father and Entrepreneur from Ontario, Canada. If you got some value here today and would like to connect, reach out to me on Facebook.

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