MMM BSC Review

The Original MMM MLM Investment Platform was regarded worldwide as one of the Biggest Ponzi Schemes in history. Millions of people originally lost tons of dollars and even their Life Savings.

Are the original MMM founders behind this MMM BSC system ( and will new investors experience the same level of trauma?

Let’s find out…

MMM The Name and Founders:

The original name MMM was created back in 1989 by 3 people: Sergey Mavrodi, his brother Vyacheslav Mavrodi and Olga Meinikova. However, on the MMM BSC website there are no listed names of current owners.

It is unclear if this MLM investment platform and system is being run by any of the original founders.

Sergey Mavrodi (original MMM founder)

What we seem to be dealing with is a case of anonymous ownership.

MMM BSC The Company:

When I first visited the website it looked like a shrine. There were animated images of a deceased Russian man named Sergey Mavrodi.

According to the Russian authorities, Mavrodi was a financial criminal and international fraudster. There is even a Wikipedia article on him since he was very well known internationally.

Apparently back in the 90’s he was convicted in Russia for defrauding over 10,000 investors out of Millions but claimed he was not the beneficiary.

This was only the people that were documented as victims of fraud. Apparently there were millions of people who invested and lost that wasn’t accounted for.

Mavrodi ended up passing away in March of 2018.

Watch The Full MMM BSC Review Here:

MMM Early History:

Founded back in 1989 by Sergey Mavrodi and originally it was created as an international office equipment importer.

I am not sure if Mavrodi intended to legitimately sell office equipment or if it was just some kind of ruse to fool the Russian Authorities.

Eventually it got shut down by Russian police in 1994 but later emerged as MMM Global in 2011 and was responsible for even more Millions of dollars in losses primarily in Countries of Africa.

Now it has emerged in 2019 as MMM BSC and seems to be picking up momentum regardless of its past history of investor losses.

The original MMM was regarded by Russia as one of the biggest Ponzi Schemes of the 90’s and even had international recognition.

The MMM Twist?

In spite of the platform being well known to investors (who lost money) as a Ponzi, many were still happy to invest in hopes that they could withdraw some ROI ‘before’ the system collapsed.

Apparently even now in 2020 most MLM investors seem to apply the same ‘logic’ in their make money and ROI ventures.

MMM BSC Product Line:

Currently they have no retail able products or services. The only thing afilliates can market is the make money ROI memberships themselves.

MMM BSC Compensation Plan:

Investors are asked to invest into PAX Tokens in return for a promised 30% monthly ROI.

*Important Note: Investors must make an equal (or greater) amount that they plan to withdraw to be re-invested back into the platform.

MMM BSC Referral Commissions:

Yes they are paying out Referral Commissions however, the exact amounts are not yet being disclosed on their website.

Cost to Join MMM BSC:

-Free (for Network Marketers) but you will only be able to make Referral Commissions.

-Investment into PAX Tokens (for Passive Investors).


I don’t recommend MMM BSC.


There are clearly too many Red Flags.

1- Anonymous Ownership.

Who in their right mind would send money to people they didn’t know OFF Line in the Real World?


2- MMM history. The original platform that was created in 1989 and the Global Version that emerged in 2011 BOTH ended in collapse (with the great majority of investors losing money).

What would make anyone think something different was going to happen with this one?

3- PAX Tokens: This is like acquiring digital Monopoly Money.

Need I say more?

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