Michael Force Review – A 7 Figure Earner and Industry Leader

So who is Michael Force? In this review you will get some basic background information about this 7 Figure Earner, Industry Leader and Trainer. At the time of writing this article, Michael is in the process of launching one of the latest ‘Big Ticket’ platforms in the direct sales – Make Money Online Niche (2016).

This platform is called ‘Digital Altitude’.

In the past he was well known for his part in the ‘Carbon Copy Pro’ income opportunity and entrepreneurial platform that was founded by Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson.

I have read articles claiming that he was one of the top 4 income producers (Michael Force, Aaron Rashkin, Greg Davison and Andrew J Cass) but I believe he was actually the no.1 income producer for PRO.

So how did Michael become so successful?

Well for starters, he is a former Marine. The military is known for discipline and for someone to rise to the ranks of ‘Marine’, it would take a great deal of strength, endurance and discipline. So how does having discipline make someone successful in Internet Marketing?

Well for starters…

You will need a lot of it to make yourself do the work that’s necessary and to keep yourself ‘focused’ while staying the course.

He was able to learn the skill sets of a successful marketer like:

1- Paid Traffic

2- List Building

3- Relationship Building

4- Conversions

5- Duplication

However, I believe that his greatest skill was no.1 Paid Traffic.

He was able to run PPC Advertising on Google Adwords back when they allowed affiliate marketers to direct link to lead capture pages. I remember trying to build my CC.Pro business (yes I was also a member and actually made my first thousand bucks online with that platform) and no matter where I would ‘try’ to place ads, there was Michael.

This actually used to piss me off immensely.

I wasn’t mad about his success.

I was mad that he ran his ads so well that anyone else who tried to advertise in the same space couldn’t compete.

It was a ‘futile’ experience to say the least.

Here is a video of Michael Force on How to Get Massive Traffic (lots of value here):

Want to become successful just like Michael? Learn how to become an ‘Unstoppable’ Internet Entrepreneur here!

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