LipCoin Review

LipCoin ReviewI thought that I have seen it all when I did a Crypto review yesterday that claimed to be a video game developer. Now today we have LipCoin who seems to be a new ICO for the Surfer!

Besides the idea of Crypto meets surfing, is LipCoin a Legitimate Investing platform or just Ponzi Scam to get your money?

Let’s find out…

I went over to their website and for the life of me can not figure out who is running this show.

Company Owners:  Anonymous owners.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that who ever really owns this system is probably a lover of surfing.

They should call this system “SurfCoin” instead.

And hopefully for you (if you are planning to invest) that these surfer dudes don’t surf off with your money lol.

Because wouldn’t that hurt your heart to come online to find a way to build your own dreams but then figure out later that you only ended up building some secret ‘anonymous’ folks dreams instead?

And to add insult to injury…

They end up surfing (living your lifestyle) while surfing and drinking pino coladas out of coconuts?

Hopefully not!

LipCoin Product Line:

They have no retailable products or services at the moment. The only thing that their affiliates have to market is the affiliate membership itself.

Compensation Plan:

LipCoin seems to be another ICO that wants to launch their own Altcoin into the already crowding digital sea of Crypto.

Every single day we have multiple systems all now seeming doing ICO Launches.

The main reason why BTC ended up as being valuable was because of the idea of scarcity…

There was only said to be X amount of them in cyberspace.

But now we have a ton of other coins all competing in the same marketplace and it’s going to be quite interesting to see how things will turn out.

LipCoin Premace:

As an affiliate you are basically going to have to purchase these points (LPC) from the company for 45 to 95 cents each.

Then you will have to lend them back to the company for an ROI.

LipCoin has 8 plans:

1- Purchase 400 LPC and receive a 50% bonus for 1 month.

2- Purchase 800 LPC and receive a 50% bonus for 2 months.

3- Purchase 1600 LPC and receive a 50% bonus for 3 months.

4- Purchase 3200 LPC and receive a 50% bonus for 4 months.

5- Purchase 6400 LPC and receive a 50% bonus for 5 months.

6- Purchase 12800 LPC and receive a 50% bonus for 6 months.

7- Purchase 25600 LPC and receive a 50%bonus for 9 months.

8- Purchase 51200 LPC and receive a 50% bonus for 1 year.

Please Note: These LPC points do not have any real value outside of this company and platform.

If and when they ever do really launch…then ONLY until that time will they hold any real value.

Referral Commissions:

LipCoin is paying out referral commissions on 3 levels deep using a uniline comp plan:

1- 10% (personally sponsored affiliates).

2- 5%

3- 2.5%

Please Note:  These referral commissions will be paid out in LPC points.

Cost to join:

A purchase of at least 45 LPC points is required.


I don’t recommend this platform.


They have too many red flags!

1- Anonymous owners.

2- Promise of Income. Anything that promises you an income for doing absolute nothing is a red flag!

3- Revenue Creation:  They don’t seem to have any. If so, then they aren’t proving it.

This seems like another Ponzi Scheme/  HYIP that revolves around recruitment for revenue.

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