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Lendera ReviewIs Lendera a Legitimate Investing platform or just another Ponzi Scam to get your money? Let’s find out…

We have a real problem in this industry of make money online right now and this problem is only getting bigger as each and every day goes by.

What’s this great problem?

We have just too many Ponzi Schemes that keep launching day and day out after the craze of bitcoin and other altcoins.

On top of this…

I strongly believe that many people have really lost faith in the system and government especially in the US.

Many Americans have seen first hand the devastation that happened back on 911 and many believe that it was their own government that was responsible.

Then on top of that we had an American gunman opening up fire on his own Americans in Las Vegas last fall where the press seemed to indicate that the US Government was again involved.


Then we have all heard of instances where the Federal banking system has been printing monetary bills out of thin air and ‘inflating’ the US Dollar.

What does any of this have to do with today’s Lendera Review?


Just bare with me and keep reading…

There is a digital currency craze going on worldwide as many countries have also lost faith in the system.

Most people are getting involved with Crypto because they feel like it is in regulated by the government.

Is it really?

If you are in the US or Canada, you must file taxes and report any income from your Crypto business.

Now in the US and Canada you are forbidden from marketing any Scheme that offers securities that is not registered with the SEC.


If the platform that you are looking in to for income is making claims like Mining and Trading, they must prove that this is really the case.

So in countries like US and Canada,  The Crypto is still kind of being regulated, don’t you agree?


We now have ruthless businessmen who keep creating more Ponzy types of HYIP that are designed to prey on the public’s ignorance in order to line their own pockets our of greed.

Then we have the middle class man or woman now heavily promoting these Ponzis because they are mad at the government.

I used to think that most people were ignorant to the idea that these Crypto deals were blatant Ponzis but now after doing so many reviews for the past 6 months or so…

I have come to the conclusion that most people are aware of what they are getting involved with.

However most people are still ignorant of one thing.

Actually this is a really big thing…

We still live in a Universe of cause and effect.

What ever we put out to the Universe must come back to us whether that be good or bad.

We have people openly joining Ponzis and trying to convince others to join and especially to invest in these deals all the time knowing that these systems don’t last very long.

And when they crash they end up gobbling up every ones money while going under.

So what we have now is a dire case of millions of people who have abandoned their common sense out of greed and even hate for the government.

What does all of this have to do with Lendera and your hunt for the Holy Grail (you may be asking)?


By knowingly recruiting other people into systems where in your heart you know will crash, this is creating Karma that must come back to you.

If you take from others to line your own pockets out of greed, then money will in turn be taken from yours.

Okay, I am done with my secret message for the day.

Lendera Review:

The Company:

Anonymous owners.

Lendera Product Line:


Lendera Compensation Plan:

Investors purchase points called LEC for 85 cents to $1.05 and then lend them back to the company for an advertised ROI.

Advertised ROI: 26 – 42%.

Lendera has 4 plans:

1- Invest between $100 – $1,000 for 260 days.

2- Invest between $1,001 – $5,000 for 220 days.

3- Invest between $5,001 – $10,000 for 180 days.

4- Invest $10,001 (or more) for 135 days.

Referral Commissions:

Lendera is paying out referral commissions on BOTH initial investments as well as lent (LEC) points (using a Uni line Comp Plan):

Initial Investment Referrals (3 Levels Deep):

1- 5% (personally sponsored investors).

2- 2%

3- 1%

LEC Lent Points (6 Levels Deep):

1- 10% (personally sponsored investors).

2- 4%

3- 2.5%

4- 1.5%

5- 0.8%

6- 0.4%

Cost to Join:

1- Free (only able to earn referral commissions).

2- Minimum of $100 right up to $10K or more (passive income).


This looks like another HYIP / Ponzi Scheme that uses recruitment to create revenue to payout investors. Recruiting new reps to pay the older ones.


I don’t recommend this platform.


Too many red flags!

1- Anonymous Owners.

2- Promise of income. Anything that promises you money (even digital money) online  (for doing nothing) is a red flag!

3- Proof of Arbitrage trading of Crypto. There is none.

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