Legendary Marketer Review

Is Legendary Marketer a powerful legitimate platform that will help you learn the skills sets of a successful marketer (coupled with a lucrative income opportunity), or is this just another well thought up scam to get your money?

Let’s find out…

Legendary Marketer The Company:

The domain legendarymarketer.com was registered on March 9, 2016.

Legendary Marketer first got started with another name called Duplicate Dave so this is basically the revamped version.

The idea that Duplicate Dave started still lives on with Legendary Marketer since it is basically a system where you can leverage the founder’s experience and duplicate it.

Legendary Marketer Founder:

David Sharpe from St Petersburg Florida is an industry leader to the point where he has a lot of top income earners following him…

Dave is a leader of leaders.

Up to this point in time he has assisted over 300,000 students from all over the world in learning the skill sets of success online marketer.

Early Years:

Dave struggled with a drug addiction for years and eventually overcame it after his Dad took him in off the streets and helped him turn his life around (when he was finally willing to do so).

After he overcame his drug addiction, Dave got a job in construction and eventually got married and had a daughter.

Then he came to a point in his life where he felt stuck and started looking for financial opportunities that could help him get out of his construction job along with increasing his income earning potential.

Dave found the Network Marketing industry and was so desperate to get ahead that he used to drive around his old pick up truck around town with advertising magnets on it (hoping to strike it rich in old school MLM).

After struggling through that ordeal, Dave found himself online and finally learned the skills of attraction marketing and story telling by leveraging another system.

After years of trial and error Dave Sharpe finally struggled his way to success and finally filled in the missing pieces of this make money puzzle.

Dave Sharpe mastered the art of telling his powerful story and eventually attracted many big name industry leaders and heavy hitters of this Internet Marketing industry.

I  myself are one of those 300,000 plus students that leveraged Dave’s trainings.

I was actually a part of one of his previous systems and companies. I used to listen to his training and mindset audios for hours well over a 4 year period.

And after following his suggestions to add the power of story telling…

One of my first you tube videos that I ever created generated thousands of views quickly and to me that was quite powerful for being a video marketing newbie at that time.

So in a nutshell…

David Sharpe’s trainings work!

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