Lawrence Tam Review – Frugal Asian Man?

He struggled as many other leaders before him. Eventually he started writing articles and started finding success with that venue and best of all it was ‘free’ except for the time commitment.

So basically while other people came home from work and had a beer and maybe turned on the TV, Lawrence turned on the computer and went to work silently creating his legacy.

It takes an iron will to do what he has done along with a lot of will power.

Most people are not willing to work in their spare time because they are tired and just want to relax after work.


If you are considering Lawrence as your ‘mentor’ and really like his style, then I wouldn’t think too long and hard about it, just do it. They say successful people make decisions fast and change their minds slowly, what do you think.

In the end, your success can only be determined by one person and that is you.

It doesn’t matter if you had Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates as your ‘advisers’, if you don’t commit to your own success, it will never happen. Success is an ‘inside’ job, always was and always will be. Lawrence knows that.

Want to become successful just like Lawrence?

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