Kuvera Global Crypto Review

In this Review of Kuvera Global (kuveraglobal.com), I will shed some light on some very important facts that really should be important to you (if it’s a long term income that you’re seeking).

I am going to share some info regarding this system and leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions.

Kuvera Global The Company:

Back in late 2017, they were known as Wealth Generators Crypto. It is unclear as to exactly why they decided to change their name to Kuvera on March 1, 2017.

When I first saw Wealth Generators for the first time back in 2017, I was impressed with the look and feel of this company.

They looked like they knew what they were doing in this make money online space…

It was evident that the leadership was there!

To me it looked like a very well oiled machine!

At that time they were preparing for a massive company event in Las Vegas and I thought…

For a special event of that caliber and size (In the USA where the laws are very strict), they must really be legitimate (or have huge balls lol).


Well for one thing, the reason that they had big numbers in reps and distributors was clearly for one thing…

Most people joined The Wealth Generators Crypto because they were offering massive ROI through their Crypto Mining Contracts!

But one thing still didn’t make sense to me!

And this was the fact that they were not registered with the SEC in the US.

Then it dawned on me that their mother company called “Investview” was indeed registered with the SEC.

Then comes March 1, 2017 and The Wealth Generators Crypto announce that they are changing their name to Kuvera!

Why is this a problem (you may be thinking)?

Keep reading…

Kuvera Global Founder:

The CEO is a gentleman named Ryan Smith.

According to kuveraglobal.com, Smith has around 20 years in Business Management and the Financial industry.

Kuvera Global Main Product Line:

1- The main reason why so many people are joining this organization is because of the promise of wealth through their Cloud Mining Crypto Contracts.

2- They also have some financial education products that they seem to be marketing on the ‘front’ end.

Kuvera Global Compensation Plan:

4 Crypto Mining Contracts:

1- Generator: $499.99

2- Business: $999.99

3- Executive: $2,499.00

4- Premier: $4,999.99

*They also have some ‘secret’ VIP mining contracts (that they aren’t disclosing on their kuveraglobal.com website.

**Come to think of it, these mining contracts that they proudly displayed on their website when they were known as The Wealth Generators Crypto are not being displayed on the Kuvera website.

The only products that they seem to be advertising on kuveraglobal.com are 3 financial education products!

But for some reason the Cloud Crypto Mining Contracts (that most of their affiliates are after) are ONLY introduced on the ‘back end’ after someone signs up!

So in my ‘Personal Opinion’, I think there are some grey areas here that are not clear enough for people to just blindly invest their money.

Take a look at what one of their promoters said to me on my you tube channel video in regards to Kuvera Global…

So it was pretty clear that this person thinks that just because the founder ‘assured’ him that they are indeed SEC Compliant that means they are 100% legit. But is this really the case?

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