Kuailian Crypto Review

I went over to kuailiandp.com and was greeted with an Event Video from Barcelona that looked very impressive.

Then immediately under that was a link to get me to join.

Even though the event from October 2019 that featured Kuailian’s official launch in Spain looked like fun, I wasn’t just ready to hand over my money just yet.

If you are reading this Review, either you’re an affiliate or someone interested in finding out if this is a legitimate investment platform.

Let’s find out…

Kuailian The Company and Founders:

On the website kuailiandp.com there is no information about who owns or runs the organization. The only thing I could find was an incomplete address in the country Georgia.

No President, CEO or Co-founders listed.

No leadership council.

No one claiming any Ownership or Leadership of their own country on their own website legally for what ever reason.

After doing some digging around on You Tube, I found a marketing video claiming that a gentleman named David Ruiz deleon (out of Madrid Spain) was the CEO of Kuailian.

A quick visit on LinkedIn confirmed this as well.

I even recognized him from the first video that I saw when I first visited the kuailiandp.com website.

David Ruiz de leon

David Ruiz was the main speaker at the Kuailian launch event.

What I didn’t understand was why didn’t he put his details on his company website for legitimacy reasons?

To me personally…

When ever a company is asking for money from the public for Investment, they should offer transparency!

I don’t think this company has anything to do with Georgia (the country). Based on the CEO and the official Kuailian launch event in Barcelona, they appear to be operating out of Spain.

Watch The Full Kuailian Video Review:

Kuailian Product Line:

They don’t have any retail able products or services to offer the Marketplace of customers. The only thing affiliates have to market are the make money ROI memberships themselves.

Why am I mentioning products in an Investment company Review?

Because they are paying out ‘referral’ Commissions also known as Network Marketing.

Kuailian Compensation Plan:

They are asking investors to invest into their Kuai positions that cost $100 each.

Based on an image used on their website, they give an example of 320% ROI over a thousand days.

*Important Note: Kuailian is asking for Investment to be made in Ethereum.

Kuailian Affiliate Ranking System:

They have 15 ranks over all in this Network Marketing Investment platform.

You can work your way through these ranks starting at the Starter for $200 right up to a Global Ambassador for $100K plus ($1.25M worth of down line investment).

Ranking system is based on your Investment, your down line and your overall skills of convincing others to invest into the Kuailian platform.

Yes the emphasis seems to be placed mainly on recruitment!

Kuailian Referral Commissions:

They are using a uniline compensation plan and paying to a depth of 10 Levels deep:

Level 1- 10% (personally sponsored) investors.

Level 2- 3%

Level 3- 2%

Level 4 to 7- 1%

Level 8- 0.5%

Levels 9 to 10- 0.25%

Cost to Join Kuailian:

An admin fee of $50.95 plus an Investment into Kuai units starting at $100 increments (paid in Ethereum).


On the outside, Kuailian seems like a very impressive and legitimate Investment platform.

However on the inside, they just seem to be a very well thought up Ponzi Scheme.

Why would I say something like that?

There are clearly too many red flags for the people who want to see them!

1- Revenue:

Kuailian claims that they have a bot and access to Cryptocurrency Trading yet they are not showing any proof of such revenue to pay investors.

The only revenue that seems to be coming into this platform is from new Investors (Network Marketing recruitment) to pay the older investors.

2- Not Registered to offer Securities legally in Spain.

Why is this a red flag?

The Securities regulatory for Spain (CNMV), has recently issued investor fraud warnings for other similar systems to Kuailiandp.com that also ask for Cryptocurrency Investment.

And once that process starts, they (the authorities) usually close your company down for operating illegally.

Kuailian isn’t showing any proof that they are legitimate and legally set up to offer Securities in Spain, Georgia or any where else in the world.

3- Kuailian Trading Bot:

Based on graph that Kuailian is displaying in their marketing material, it appears that they are claiming to be capable of producing 20,000% ROI per month.

Why is this a problem?

Well common sense should dictate that if David Ruiz and the other silent anonymous people behind the Ownership of Kuailian could make 20,000% per month, why would they need Network Marketers and random investors.

My Verdict:

I don’t recommend this platform.

Rory Singh (the author)

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