Job Killing Review – Less Competition and Massive ROI?

Finally a Review NOT Trying to sell it to you! I have been hearing and seeing a lot of reports and reviews on this ‘Local’ Lead Generation SEO Course. First of all, I am NOT a member of this program (job killing /

Many are claiming that the local lead business (for brick and mortars) are much less competitive than the Network Marketing (make money) industry.

Can you really have an easier shot at succeeding in this type of deal than you would with Network or Affiliate Marketing Online?

Let’s find out…

This course and program is founded by Brad Campbell and Dan Klein.

Brad is an EX Empower Network affiliate and leader who had a lot of success mainly because he is very skilled in the art of SEO.

This guy knows how to create a website, make it appealing and rank the thing on page one of Google for ‘make money’ keywords.

Back when he was with EN, he was ranking in the top spots on page one Google for ‘Empower Network Review’ which was a very very competitive keyword back then.

So the guy clearly knows what he is doing regarding Internet Marketing.

Is Local Business Lead Generation Less Competitive than Network and Affiliate Marketing?

It is a lot less competitive. Yes!


It still takes a lot of hard work, determination and ‘discipline’ to succeed.

As they have said in most of their videos, if you don’t make a commitment to yourself and business venture, you won’t get results with their system.

Does Their System and Coaching Program Worth the Price?

If the price was $10K (if) and it could deliver what I honestly feel it can, I would say it would be well worth that purchase price. Now keep in mind that this is not their official price.

You will have to ‘request’ a call from them to find out the real price.

Who is This Caliber of Course For?

This type of program is for the ‘serious’ player. Someone who is sure of themselves and the type of person who finishes what they started. That would weed out most of the people who pursue IM unfortunately.

This is not for the ‘shiny’ object chasers.

Who is Actively Considering This?

Most likely a lot of people who are not willing to succeed with Network and Affiliate Marketing will come here and try this.


Should you purchase this SEO Coaching course and program?

Only if you are willing to put in the time, effort, expenses and stick to your guns until you succeed.

What you have to remember here is…

The only people who succeed in opportunities that offer ‘extraordinary’ benefits are the people who realize that they ARE the real opportunity.

A System or Course by it self can not make you a success.

And the people who have succeeded here, most likely have already succeeded with Affiliate and Network Marketing.

This concludes my review.

rory-singh-the-authorThanks for reading!

If you have ‘already’ started on your JOURNEY to Online Success, why quit now?

So what if you find it a little hard and just beyond your reach?

What you have got to understand (right now) is that because it’s hard (at the beginning), that’s what makes it a real opportunity.

You see…

If everyone could become successful in Network or Affiliate Marketing (easily), then it wouldn’t be worth any more than earning minimum wage.

Here is a System that teaches you the Proper Mindset For Success PLUS…Some of the best training for TRAFFIC, Leads and ‘Conversions’ that I have ever seen online to date.

Rory Singh

Rory is a Husband, Father and Entrepreneur from Ontario, Canada. If you got some value here today and would like to connect, reach out to me on Facebook.

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    • Rory Singh

      Based on the content, it may cost between $3K to $5K. But get the facts directly from the horses mouth…so to speak.

  1. Kaye

    Hey Rory, any updates in 2018. Are you still in jobkilling? I haven’t heard much info since 2016.. thanks

    • Nathaniel

      Hi Kaye! I’m in the same boat. Looking into JK but haven’t found much recent info on it. Any luck / have you decided to join?

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