Instant Cash Solution 2020 Review

I have been seeing this Instant Cash Solution system around for over a year now. Is it a legitimate way to make money online or just an illegal Gifting Scheme?

Many affiliates have been posting their affiliate links all over Social Media especially Facebook groups.

But is this ‘Simple’ Copy and Paste Method that Instant Cash Solution teaching actually work?

Let’s find out…

Instant Cash Solution The Company:

They are based out of Shingleton California. The website is being run by the founder… Rich Meyers.

Rich Meyers (Founder)

Instant Cash Solution Products:

They don’t have any retail able products or services. The only thing an affiliate can market is the make money memberships themselves.

There are products on the backend of the memberships but they are not retail able.

Their products teach you how to promote the system.

Affiliates join mainly for the business opportunity side of things.

Watch The Full Instant Cash Solution Review:

Instant Cash Solution Compensation Plan:

**100% Commissions is what they have here. However you must pay an additional $29 Admin Fee for a reseller license.

1- Bronze: $100 + $29 admin fee.

Make $100 commissions.

Affiliates invest or buy into 4 different membership levels:

2- Silver: $200 + $29 admin fee.

Make $100 & $200 commissions

3- Gold: $300 + $29 admin fee.

Make $100, $200 & $300 commissions.

4- $500 + $29 admin fee.

Make $100, $200, $300 & $500 commissions.

Important Note: This is a pay to play opportunity. In order to earn Commissions on each level, you must be ‘positioned’ at that level to sell.

Cost to Join Instant Cash Solution?

You’re looking at an investment of between $100 to $500 plus an additional admin fee of $29 for a reseller license.

Is Instant Cash Solution a Scam?

No it isn’t a scam. If people join through your affiliate links, you make money. But getting them to join is another story which I will expand on lower below.


Instant Cash Solution isn’t a scam but it may be regarded as a Ponzi Scheme or Cash Gifting in the eyes of the Federal Trades Commission.

They seem to have products of training on the backend of the memberships that seem to be added to try and appear more legitimate in the eyes of the authorities.

Will They Get Shut Down?

Personally I don’t think they are big enough to get the attention of the authorities. Plus their memberships are not really expensive.

You could get all in for $529 which isn’t much for a make money business.

Copy and Paste Method:

I think Instant Cash Solution teaches the copy and paste method of creating ads because it’s easy for most people to do.

However, in my opinion, I think that most people will regard you as a Spammer if you paste ads and Afilliate links all over the place.

Some people may even mark you up as an inexperienced marketer!

If you want people to join you in your business, you need to learn how to give people value.


Once you learn how to give value to the Marketplace consistently, people won’t help but regard you as an ‘authority’ figure!

And that my friend is when Real Magic happens in your Online Business!

The Author

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