INFINii Review – Drop Shipping on Steroids?

In this Infinii Review…Find out what’s really hiding BEHIND all the Hype, Smoke and Mirrors show. Will you finally find the ‘right’ opportunity? Can people really make money without recruiting? Is this really easy money? Is this even legal? Let’s find out…

This company was launched on Dec 1st, 2015 so it’s still very new and fresh.

Type of niche: E Commerce.

First of all, I don’t like to do negative reviews. So I will try to focus mostly about the good regarding Infinii and it’s money making potential for all the people involved.

The Good (Pros): 

The guys behind Infinii seem to have been around for a long while in this market space and have years of experience in both the ‘retail’ and ‘recruiting’ aspects of this type of business model.

The main people behind this company are Hitesh Juneja, Kevin Hokoana and Jason Rose.

All three of them have a lot of experience on their resumes. So they know how to get a company like this started successfully and what it takes to keep it running.

Hitesh has said that instead of opening the doors to the public at at once, he instead only wants to open let in around 1000 in the first week and then about seven or eight thousand in the second week and then so on.

He also said that the reason that he wanted to do this was to make sure that every thing unfolds smoothly instead of just opening the doors to the masses and ‘blowing’ things out of proportion.

This is a good sign because it shows that he is more focused on making sure that the overall mechanics of his system is working properly before opening the doors to the masses.

When any new system launches, it doesn’t matter if it was created by NASA (a huge government body dealing with space and research) or Scentsy (a wick less MLM company based on selling candles). When things start up, things go wrong.

This is Physics.

So in a nutshell, he is basically playing things safe instead of just focusing on making big bucks for himself and the company. If the system shows signs of bugs while they limit the amount of people coming in, this will allow them to fix things and will benefit everyone including people who haven’t yet joined.

This adds longevity to a business plan.

This company makes money by selling products through a huge sales force ofindependent representatives.

The independent reps make money by retailing (selling) products for retail as well as earning extra money for ‘recruiting’ new reps into their down line. This is the norm for any MLM type of company.

As an added feature with this company, people who just want to make money without ‘recruiting’ have an opportunity to use the training and tools in the products to help them make money drop shipping.


They have the potential to also buy into shares of huge product buys (bulk investing in products by the company that in turn will be offered to people who want to share in this type of co op).

This can be BOTH a good and bad thing as I will go into greater detail down below in this review.

Target Market:

1- People who are looking for ways to make money in MLM.

2- People who are looking for ways to make money by selling products ‘without’ recruiting.

3- People who want to profit from drop shipping or ‘Power Selling’.


Their products all seem to be digital training products that will help you sell on sites like E bay, Amazon and Bonanza.

1- Prime $49.95 (monthly)

2- Surge $149.95 (monthly)

3- Excel $399.95 (monthly)

Product Theme:

The products all seem to be digital products that revolve around the Drop Shipping industry.

Drop shipping basically means the process of selling products on sites like E bay and Amazon (and now even Bonanza) without the seller (you) having to personally stock pile the products in your home. It is the ability to sell products through a middle man (you) from a supplier directly to a buyer by advertising and using an E commerce site.

So drop shipping is perfectly legal if done right.

Here is a word for word description taken from Wikipedia:

Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

As in retail businesses, the majority of retailers make their profit on the difference between the wholesale and retail price, but some retailers earn an agreed percentage of the sales in commission, paid by the wholesaler to the retailer. Source:

So in truth, drop shipping when done right can be very lucrative.

Infinii’s Supercharger:

No they don’t have a product that is called the ‘super charger’. I just thought that it sounded cool. What they do have is a way for you to ‘super charge’ your earning potential by using what they call “The Springboard”.

The Springboard: Just like the name sounds, it’s a way to spring board your earning potential and allow you to ‘capitalize’ from buying shares or ‘seats’ as they call it from huge product buys.

According to Infinii, they know what kind of products are selling online already. So they are going to be making huge product buys (purchasing bulk product orders on what they feel are ‘hot’ selling products). Whether these products are indeed hot selling products, that is a different subject altogether.

I am not a Power Seller on E bay but did (and still do) partake in the ‘mindset’ training aspect of Internet Marketing along with sales ‘psycology’ (how people make decisions in regards to buying) by a Power Seller and self made Millionaire.

I am still being coached by a someone who has years of experience as a ‘Power Seller’.

Okay, back on topic…

Here is a breakdown of how ‘Spring Board’ works:

Example No 1:

In the example above, let’s say that the company buys one thousand products that they deem is a ‘hot seller’. They in turn will offer members the option to ‘invest’ in shares of this large purchase by allowing you to purchase what they call a ‘seat’. Each seat will sell for $10.

Infinii claims that after the time that it takes to sell these products (Estimated Time to sell all of these products will be posted in their back office after you join), that each seat (or product share) will basically make a profit of $26.10 (after expenses of selling on E commerce sites like E bay and Amazon).

  • Cost: $10 per seat
  • Seats available: 100
  • Profit: $26.10 per seat
  • Limited to 5 seats per member

Example No 2:

Over a 250% ROI.

In the next example, let’s say that they decide to purchase 5,500 units of product and sell each seat (or share) at the cost of $73.00, you would potentially make $332.70 in profit per seat (after all the products in this ‘bulk’ purchase is sold).

  • Cost $73 per seat
  • Seats available: 250
  • Profit $332.70 per seat
  • Limited to 5 seats per member

Over a 450% ROI.

And in the final example, they purchase 8,500 units and sell each seat at a cost of $97. After all the products are sold, each seat will make you $565.85

  • Cost $97 per seat
  • Seats available: 175
  • Profit: $565.85 per seat
  • Limited to 5 seats per member

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not endorsing this example above. It is just an example. I do not know exactly how these numbers are going to play out. Infinii seems like they have a lot of experience in the niche of drop selling but exactly how things will turn out…

I don’t really know.

Okay, there seems like there is a lot of good (pros) with this company and opportunity.

And everything in this world has BOTH good and bad in it.

Now for the Bad (Cons):

This company seems to be a ‘spin off’ of another company called DS Domination. I believe that at the time of writing this article that they are still around. How long they will last, I have no clue.

DS Domination was basically a company that created all their ‘training’ products around a very successful Power Seller (and former CEO and founder of DS Domination) – Roger Langille.

Roger Langille was basically a man who wanted to retire himself from ‘traditional’ business and be able to work for himself from home while being able to spend more time with his beloved family.

Absolutely nothing wrong with that because isn’t that one of the main reasons why most of us get into this industry to begin with?

Well that was my primary motivator.

So in a nutshell…

Roger learned (and earned his way up to the ranks of ‘Power Seller’ on E bay) and eventually became a ‘self’ made millionaire Dad working from home. Dreams can become a reality if you work for them like he did!

So in turn, he started DS Domination up with ‘training’ products that were designed to help the average person learn how to become a Power Seller like he did by giving them…

Short Cuts.

Unfortunately there are no short cuts in business and in life.

If you want success in business, you have to earn them.

Sure there are some tools and systems that can shorten your learning curve but that is another story for another day.

To make a long story short, DS Domination’s was teaching people stuff like how to find products on Amazon and then copying and pasting ads into E bay to sell at a heightened price.

They (DS Domination) claimed that most people on sites like E bay and Amazon didn’t do too much research when buying products and most of them just decided to ‘buy’ stuff without comparing prices on other sites.

This whole ‘Copy and Paste’ method is just wrong because it ‘capitalizes’ on the MASS Ignorance of many purchasers.

And doing stuff like that does and will create Karma (cause and effect) for everyone involved.

I myself once strongly considered getting started with DS Domination but didn’t because I know that if I did, it would come back and haunt me later.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I am sure that Roger Langille earned his success with E bay by ‘establishing’ himself and moving forward little by little.

But I don’t believe that there is any short cut that will promise anyone who bought his course the type of results that he got.

You have to earn it like he did.

Roger Langille stepped down as CEO of DS Domination back in spring of this year (2015).


Should you join Infinii?

As I said in the beginning of this review…There is BOTH good an bad in everything (except for God that is).

There seems to be a lot of hype and excitement circulating around the Internet. The presentations seems very impressive. The guys at the top seem top notch. And the products seem to solve problems and serve a purpose for the people who decide to buy them.

So there seems like a lot of stuff that I do like about them.

However, on the other hand…

Most of their recruiting tactics seem around attracting a lot of people who are looking for the ‘magic’ button to success.

Hype is okay, so don’t get me wrong here. Without it, presentations like this would be very boring.

And everything boring attracts no one.

People love stories, excitement and drama.

The founder of Infinii (Hitesh Juneja) has said publicly that this is an E commerce company. Not an Network Marketing company. But they use network marketing as a medium of ‘promotion’.

Well in truth, all network marketing companies are real brick and mortar companies with either ‘physical’ or ‘digital’ products for sale.

The only real reason they use network marketing is because it’s a way for them to get tons of people to promote their stuff for FREE.



I have presented you with enough info to get your ‘intuitive’ juices flowing.

Do you feel like this company can actually ‘serve’ you or will this just be a waste of time and money?


The only people that make money online, in affiliate marketing, in home business and in Entrepreneurial ism are the people who work produce like leaders (or ‘transform’ into one).

Everyone else is looking for the ‘secret’.

And the real secret is…

There is no secret! Only transforming into an Entrepreneur that has acquired the ‘right’ mindset. Everything starts with this. All the results that you are getting right now in business (and in life) is based on how you are thinking.

This concludes my Review on INFINii.

Stop pipe dreaming (if you are). If you really want results online, learn how to think and act like an Internet Entrepreneur. Learn how to actually keep filling your sales pipeline with people that are ‘eager’ to buy from you. Infinii seems cool but the only people who are going to make money there are the leaders: Learn how to become one starting right now.

Thanks for dropping by!

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