i.Cash Review

i.cash review

Finally an ‘Unbiased’ Review of icash by (Rory Singh) someone not trying to promote this deal. Why is this good? Because with other reviews trying to ‘pitch’ it to you, it ends up getting sugar coated leaving out the real meat and potatoes (the real truth)! Is this a Legitimate Investing system or is it just another well thought up Ponzi Scheme trying to pray on your ignorance?

Let’s find out…


i.Cash is and MLM type of Investment opportunity that is claiming revenue is being created by ‘Telegram Bots’.

i.Cash The Company and Founders:

Anonymous OwnersI went over to their website (i.cash) and quickly figured out that what we are dealing with is a case of ‘anonymous’ ownership.

No President, CEO, Co founders, CMO or even CFO.

No one claiming any ownership or leadership (legally) to this company, system and platform.

Why is this an important point?

Well usually…

If the owners are not displaying their credentials, most likely they are ‘hiding’ something.

Most likely they don’t want to be held ‘responsible’ for any ‘legal’ issues or liabilities if something goes wrong and people end up losing money.

We’ve seen this happen over and over with similar ‘investment’ type of deals for the past year and a half…

Companies being started by anonymous people that either end up getting shut down by the authorities or end up collapsing due to a lack of recruitment.

This i.Cash system seems to be a spin off of another system called i.center that seems to be on the verge of collapse.

Members of i.center have already started reporting problems withdrawing funds from the system and company.

i.Cash is a reboot of i.center and a means for their anonymous owners to keep their funding (and profits) going.

i.Cash Product Line:

They have absolutely no products or services that are retail able. The only thing that their affiliates and reps have to market is the make money ROI membership itself.

However, there are ‘ad credits’ that investors and members have access to after they join (memberships).

What can you do with these ad credits?

You can advertise your business and website links to other reps and distributors in the same company.

Advertising to other affiliates the same i.cash business opportunity is pointless. However advertising other businesses may seem hopeful (if their members weren’t forced to click on ads).

When people are forced to click on your ads, they are most likely not really interested but only doing so because they have to.

i.Cash Compensation Plan:

In order to invest and earn their promised ROI, you will have to first invest into their ICSH Points.

You do this by ‘converting’ your real money or crypto currencies in exchange for their points.

3 Types of Memberships:

1- Free Membership: (but you have to click on at least 10 ads from other members daily on timers).

  • ROI up to 120%

2- Premium Membership: This is a paid membership level.

  • 4 Ads to click on daily
  • ROI up to 122%
  • 99 day subscription at a cost of 100 ICSH Points
  • 198 day subscription at a cost of 190 ICSH Points
  • 365 day subscription at a cost of 250 ICSH Points

3- VIP Membership:

No ads to click on for VIP

  • 99 day membership at a cost of 180 ICSH Points
  • 198 day membership at a cost of 290 ICSH Points
  • 365 day membership at a cost of 350 ICSH Points

Daily Withdrawal Caps:

  • Free Membership: Free members can only withdraw 1000 ICSH Points daily.
  • Premium Membership: Premium members can only withdraw 5,000 ICSH Points daily.
  • VIP Membership: VIP’s can only withdraw up to 10,000 ICSH Points daily.


What this seems to be is another HYIP deal that is preying on people who want to fire their bosses or replace their income online.


I don’t recommend this platform and system.


Because their are too many red flags.

1- Anonymous owners.

2- Promise of income. Anything that promises you an income for doing absolutely nothing is huge red flag especially online! People who make money online sell products or services.

3- Proof of Revenue. There is none!

If you want to invest into this i.Cash system, please do so at your own risk!

Never invest more than you are willing (to lose) in these anonymously owned HYIP systems because you can never tell how long they will be up and running for.

Still Want to Replace Your Income Online?

This is the ONLY System that I will recommend!


Because it’s sustainable and lucrative! Also…

It’s legal and legitimate.

We have already seen many people replace their incomes online with it…

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