Guardian Online Review – A Prequel to Laser and Receiving Online?

Receiving OnlineWill Guardian Online end up in demise just like its doomed sisters Laser Online and Receiving Online?

Well if you are planning  (or have already) on investing in this deal…I sure hope it doesn’t.

Why do the majority of people who come online looking for a way to replace their income (and who learn about Bitcoin) just blindly join schemes (that they hope are legit)?

99.9% of these schemes end up turning out to be scams that are ONLY revolving around the idea of bitcoin, other Cryptocurrencies and even legit mining).

But when we ask any of them for proof of revenue creation…they never Do!

Some folks who read my reviews get upset and believe that I am bashing legit Crypto Trading.

Some folks think I am ignorant and don’t understand the value of Cryptocurrencies.

What I understand is that digital currencies do carry a lot of value.

That’s for sure!

But today our problem in the make money industry is we have a ton of people who are joining Ponzi Schemes thinking that they are joining legit ICO’S.

When in reality they are just joining deals that create Revenue on recruitment (around the idea of legit digital trading and mining).

And most of these people are so desperate to fire their bosses that they keep joining systems with anonymous owners.

I’m the case of Laser and Receiving Online…

The owners were doing their very best to stay anonymous.

And they got away with it for some time.

Laser Online CEOBut eventually disgruntled affiliates ended up figuring out that the CEO was a guy by the name of Antonio Garley.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Garley wasn’t even his real name.

His real name turns out to be a guy by The name of Bodi Klamph.

Bodi is from Toronto, Canada who recently moved to the Ukraine.

Now there have been rumors surfacing that Bodi is being seeked out by the Canadian authorities.

Canadian authorities are pissed off that so many ignorant (desperate) people are joining online scams with anonymous people and then asking the government to step in to help them.

Ponzi Schemes all end up being shut down.

They crash because:

1- Lack of recruitment.

2- Authorities shut them down.

3- The anonymous owners shut them down after deciding to run away with your money.

Now the big Million Dollar question?

What about Guardian?


Laser Online ended up freezing their affiliates accounts. Yes they did pay affiliates in the beginning or else no one would reinvest.

But eventually nobody got their bigger payouts.

Then Receiving Online crashed and is now being redirected to Guardian Online’s website.

All three sites are owned and run by the same people.

So in regards to that million dollar  question…

What do you think will happen with Guardian Online?

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