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In this review of Global traffic take over…is GTTO the ONLY System that literally can feed off of itself? Unlike other systems, no matter how sexy and streamlined they may be, your make money potential is ‘dead’ in the water unless you can master traffic and leads.

Because quite honestly, without those two things, you don’t have a hope in hell in regards to your success with any home business whether on or off line.

Most people who pursue this industry are under the false idea that there success will only come from working hard, being consistent, offering value, branding, credibility and scores of other details.

Yes those things are important, however they take years upon years to achieve.

And quite frankly…

There is more than just those components to online success that I have just listed above.

Don’t believe me?

Well how many people do you think are grinding right now online?

There are literally hundreds of thousands of people (maybe even millions) trying right now to outperform, outwork and even ‘out think’ everyone else but unfortunately the only thing that seems to be happening…is they have found a way to work themselves to an early grave literally!

Come on guys, there is more to this success thing than just working hard or smart (however smart has a whole other meaning) and if you want to find out what I am talking about instead of spinning your wheels for a few more years, do your self a favor and get on my list asap.

Because if you figure this thing out, you will not only create an income online, you my friend will create FREEDOM for yourselves and for your families!

I won’t tell you all that you need to know in just one email, but after a while, if you are ready, you will start to see the golden nuggets (one by one).

Okay back to the Global Traffic Takeover review…

This system has great life changing potential because it has in place ‘all’ the pieces that you would need in order to create your OWN Success story like:

1- Great Leadership:

This well oiled machine is the brain child of Bruce M Gerlach and Paul Della Penna.

Bruce and Pauly are just regular guys who struggled for years trying to figure out how to put all the ‘make money’ pieces together in order to find their success online.

The ONLY thing that separated them from everyone else who are still trying to figure everything out is…they didn’t give up!

These two guys started having success on their own using other people’s make money systems online.

So why did they create their own?

They got fed up with all the BS by some of the other systems owners. Some of the other owners focus too much on themselves (and their own profits) instead of the ‘whole’ as a community.

This is not their first system.

They actually started another system (that is still going as far as I understand) called ‘Xtreme Lifestyles Network’ (XLN) however that system’s job was to market other ‘third party’ income opportunities like 4 Corners Alliance ETC.

What’s different with this one is they are actually using their own income opportunity that they along with some very successful traffic guys have come together to create what’s starting to look like the ‘Perfect Storm’ for Marketing Money all under one roof!

These guys are some of the most honest and straight shooters in the industry to date. I can not make you believe that but what I can tell you is that if you start spending some time with this community, you will start to see this for yourself.

Bruce and Pauly got fed up with all the changes that other system owners kept making to line their ‘own’ pockets instead of helping the very people who build a system’s overall success…its marketers (all of YOU).

Some of you reading this right now may be silently saying to yourself…What if Bruce and Pauly start getting greedy?

Well we can not change people however, Bruce and Pauly should know by now that if they ever did start doing things out of greed that their own success would start to work against themselves.

They are very aware of the ‘laws of Karma’.

What ever you put out has to come back to you…Good or Bad!

PLUS…They are a little older than some of the other well known systems owners so their age and overall ‘experience’ in life can help the GTTO community as a whole.

2- ‘Targeted’ Traffic:

The traffic that is available to you as a GTTO member is ‘premium’ traffic that can be harvested towards any business opportunity in the make money online niche. Yes you as a member have the option to choose what affiliate link or business opportunity that you want to send traffic to you.

Traffic Packages: You as a member can choose to purchase traffic from packages that start at $197 all the way up to $10,000.

PLUS you have the ability to make 50% commissions from all traffic that you personally sell using the system.

With other systems most people struggle with the ‘lack’ of traffic and leads to replenish their make money potential.

This is the ONLY System that literally has the capability to ‘feed off of itself’.

With other systems no matter how Sexy or Streamlined they may be, if you don’t know traffic, your earning potential is ‘dead’ in the water.

The sources of traffic that GTTO has access too, most marketers are not aware of (huge media buy traffic). And if you were, it would cost about $10,000 just to get your foot into the door!

3- Affordability:

Everyone can afford to get started here. There are three levels that you can choose to start at:

  • Starter Package costs $75 and includes auto responders, lead capture pages, sales video pages ETC. You have the ability to store up to 300 leads with this package.
  • Pro Package costs $150 and includes all the bells and whistles listed above PLUS you can store up to 1,200 leads.
  • Guru costs $250 and holds up to 40,000 leads.

Both the PRO and Guru Packages allow you to ‘upload’ your own leads that you have generated personally online. Certain rules apply* in regards to email laws.

4- Conversions: 

GTTO has some of the very best AD Copy Writers and Web Designers in the MMO niche that money can buy!

Their websites, lead capture pages and sales pages convert very well.

Most new marketers (and even some intermediate marketers) are making a real mess of things by trying to create their own lead capture pages and sales videos without having the experience of making sales consistently or even fully understanding sales ‘psychology’ (how people make decisions  on buying stuff online).

Sure you can take a few years on your own to figure out this stuff but in the mean time you can leverage this system to do that stuff for you.

5- Follow UP:

Most of the sales that I have ever made over the entire time that I have been online came from ‘follow up’ emails.

So what’s the problem?

Again, most people don’t understand what really motivates the people on their list to really start buying from you.

Can you relate?

Sure you can offer value after value to your list and still come up short in the make money for yourself area.

Value is important and always will be.

However, it doesn’t create money on it’s own.

With GTTO’s writers, you now have the ability to leverage other people who know what your target market is really looking for.

Sure writing powerful AD Copy and email marketing is a skill that is very valuable to have in an Online career, however it’s something that you acquire after years of experience.

And most likely more people will be encouraged to listen to you if you have some make money selling points under your belt already by leveraging GTTO.

Pros and Cons:


1- Traffic that is ‘targeted’ to MLM and other Online biz opps can be provided by purchasing ad packages by members. This allows marketers who are struggling with traffic to keep them you in a traffic and lead ‘abundance’.

2- GTTO Traffic can be sent to any business opportunity link.

3- Done for you services such as traffic, leads, autoresponders, follow up emails, lead capture pages, sales video pages and even Google Hangouts that are hosted every week to help you ‘close’ sales.

4- A community of ‘like minded folks’ with great leadership to be a part of.

5- New opportunity (2016) that has a lot of room for growth (not saturated).


1- No Aweber or Get Response integration. This part I didn’t like as I have my own list with Aweber. With GTTO, you are using your their own internal autoresponders with your affiliate link and signature embedded into each email.



I strongly believe that MOST people will fail in GTTO or any other business because they don’t know how to generate their ‘own’ business leads, don’t know how to ‘transform’ into a leader, they don’t know the art of sales psychology but most importantly…

They don’t have the ‘right’ mindset.

Here is a system that incorporates all of the features that I listed above PLUS it focuses mostly on teaching you how to change your mind set to one that will actually support you instead of working against you.

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