GainMax Capital Review

GainMax Capital ReviewIs GainMax Capital a legitimate ICO and  Investment Platform or just another Ponzi Scheme pretending to be one?

We are into the year of 2018, Christmas is gone and the kiddies are back in school.

Mom or Dad have now heard the buzz around the value in Bitcoins and other altcoins in the Crpto stratosphere.

They’re pumped, excited and ready to get their piece of the Crypto pie!

But between where you may be standing right now and where you would really like to be are a sea filled with many posers pretending to be the real deal.

Aside from this mounting headache…

The rewards are plentyful and very lucrative but with anything that has to do with trading (whether that be stocks, Forex or even Crypto) there always comes great risk.

So what ever you decide to do, make sure that you can handle the risks before getting in the game.

Okay let’s get into this GainMax Capital Review…

GainMax Capital the company:

I went over to their website and for the life of me can not figure out who is running this show.

No President, CEO or founders.

Not even any Chief, cook or even bottle washer!

GainMax Capital Founders: Anonymous.

I did find a UK incorporation certificate though.

It was linked to a virtual office housing website.

GainMax registered on June 20, 2017.

Then they incorporated on June 21, 2017.

The domain is listing George Foster as the owner.

The incorporation is listing George Foster as the sole director.

Alexa is showing that most of this traffic their website is coming from Thailand.

The only George Foster that I know of is an Ex Major League baseball player who retired in the late 80’s.

Did ole Bjg Red come out of retirement to launch his own Crypto deal?

I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that is probably highly unlikely.

You see if George really wanted to launch his own money making scheme (that posed a great deal of risk) most likely he wouldn’t have linked his real name to an incorporration certificate.

My guess that who ever really is behind this deal is operating out of Thailand.

There also seems to be some broken English on the ad copy around their website.

Product Line:

GainMax Capital has no retailable products or services at the moment. The only thing that their affiliates have to market is the affiliate membership itself.

GainMax Capital Compensation Plan:

Their compensation plan is quite simple…

You as an investor will have to invest your money for an advertised ROI.

They have 5 Plans:

Basic: Invest between  $10 – $249 and receive a (5 – 7.5%) weekly ROI for a period of 20 weeks.

Premium: Invest between $250 – $999 and receive a (6.5 – 9%) weekly ROI.

Advanced:  Invest between $1,000 – $4,999 and receive a (7.5 – 11%) weekly ROI for 12 weeks.

VIP: Invest between $5,000 – $9,999 and receive a (8.5 – 13%) weekly ROI for 5 weeks.

VVIP: Invest between $10,000 – $100,000 and receive a (10 – 15%) weekly ROI for 5 weeks.

Referral Commissions:

GainMax Capital is paying out referral commissions on 3 levels deep using a uniline comp plan.

Please Note:

In order for a person to participate and earn commissions, he or she must also invest into one of the listed 5 plans above.

1- Basic:

Level 1 – 5% (personally sponsored affiliates).

Level 2- 3%

Level 3- 2%


Level 1- 7%

Level 2- 3%

Level 3 – 2%


Level 1 – 10%

Level 2 – 3%

Level 3 – 2%


Level 1 – 12%

Level 2 – 3%

Level 3 – 2%


Level – 1 – 15%

Level – 2 – 3%

Level 3 – 2%

Advisor Rewards:

GainMax Capital is encouraging its affiliates to advise (or convince) people to invest their money into this platform and is rewarding them highly for doing so:

1- Get someone to invest $10,000 and you will get paid a $5,000 referral commission + $100 / week.

2- Get someone to invest $30,000 and you will get paid a $10,000 referral commission + $250 / week.

3- Get someone to invest $75,000 and receive a  $25,000 referral commission + $150 / day.

4- Get someone to invest $225,000 and receive a $75,000 referral commission + $400 / day.

5- Get someone to invest $450,000 and receive a  $150,000 referral commission + $1,000 / day.


GainMax Capital seems like another HYIP / Ponzi Scheme that revolves around recruitment for revenue creation.


I don’t recommend this platform.


They have too many red flags:

1- Anonymous owners.

2- Promise of Income. Anything that promises you an income for doing absolutely nothing is a red flag!

3- Advisor points feels like you are making a deal with the devil don’t  it?

4- GainMax Capital claims that they have 10 years of experience. But they only started back in June 2017?

How is this possible?

5- GainMax Capital claims that they have Forex trading and other big make money deals to that generate revenue for paying out investors.


Then where’s the proof?

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