FX Farms Review

FX Farms Review

Is FX Farms a illegitimate Forex Trading and investment opportunity based out of the United Kingdom?

Or is it a poorly designed scam or Ponzi scheme created to Runaway with your ROI money?

Let’s find out…

FX Farms The Company:

Unfortunately not too much information is being provided on their website as to who owns and is operating this company and system.

But we seem to be dealing with is a case of anonymous ownership.

On the website itself, there is no president, CEO or co-founders. There isn’t even a Leadership Council.

No one claiming any ownership or leadership of their own company platform and system on their own website legally for whatever reason.

However, I did find some questionable marketing videos on their official YouTube channel of FX Farms.

On their business presentation video, they a paid actor from fiverr.com. You can even find this actor on fiverr offering to create a video presentation (that seems poorly designed- I wouldn’t hire him personally).

Fiverrguy FX Farms
Fake Scripted Video By Fiverr Actor.

CEO Video: This video was even more laughable since it featured two gentleman who seemed to be wearing fake beards and one with a fake wig.

After MLM Review sites started mentioning these fake / bad acting videos, the anonymous people hiding behind the scenes removed them from fxfarms.com.

Fake CEO FX Farms

Both of them portrayed really bad acting.

Watch The Full Review Here:

FX Farms Product Line:

They don’t have any retail able products or services to be sold. The only thing that an affiliate can market is the make money ROI memberships themselves.

FX Farms Compensation Plan:

They have 5 Investment Plans to choose from.

1- Base: Invest between $25 to $1500. Receive 1.5% ROI daily for 140 days.

2- Trader: $1501 to $10,000. Receive 1.6% ROI daily for 150 days.

3- Lead: Invest $10,001 to $25,000. Receive 1.85% over 170 days.

4- Eagle: Invest $25,001 to $55,000. Receive 2.1% over 185 days.

5- Invest $55,001 (or more). Receive 2.45% over 205 days.

FX Farms Referral Commissions:

They are paying out referrals based on downline Investment on the different plans above.

Base to Lead Plans: 5%

Eagle: 6%

President: 7%

FX Farms Residual Commissions:

They are paying out residuals based on a binary Matrix.

FX Farms Cost to Join:

$25 or more in Investment.


This seems to be a poorly created Scam or Ponzi Scheme.

They have Network Marketers referring people to invest into the platform but they have no products or services.

In the eyes of the authorities this is a pyramid scheme since it seems like most of the emphasis is placed on sponsoring and recruitment.

My Verdict?

I dont recommend this FX Farms Platform.


They have too many red Flags!

1- No Retail.

2- They claim to be registered to offer Securities legally in both The UK and United States. However after checking with government websites, they aren’t registered with either the SEC or FCA.

3- Forex Trading Revenue: They claim that they are generating revenue to pay the investors by Trading but aren’t showing any verifiable proof.

The only Revenue that I see coming into this platform is from new recruitment Investment to pay the older investors (people at the top).

Still looking for a Legitimate Business?

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