Frequency Forex Trading Review

I have been noticing a lot of MLM Crypto Schemes being launched out of Spain lately. The new kid on the block today is called Frequency or

This system is also being referred to as FXTV version number 2.0.

Frequency is being promoted mostly in South America particularly Uruguay and Mexico.

Frequency is more geared towards Forex Trading ROI but is asking for Investment made in BTC.

If you are reading this review right now then you may be an affiliate or a person who wants passive investment ROI.

In this Review you are most likely wanting to know if it’s a scam or how long will it stay running.

Let’s find out…

Watch The Full Frequency Review Here:

Frequency The Company and Founder:

Unfortunately there is not a lot of transparency on the website The website domain was privately registered on October 25, 2019.

As per a corporate address or official location, there isn’t one presently on their website. They are listing a CEO though and her name is Silvia Franch.

Silvia Franch – Frequency CEO

I am not sure if this is even her real name because she is from Spain as per her Facebook profiles (yes she has 2).

She goes by Silvia Franch on one and Silvia Franch Crespi on the other. The reason I’m questioning the legitimacy of her name is because Franch does not sound like a Spanish name.

Also she was a fitness model before getting involved in Crypto/ Forex / Investment / MLM. Some models do go by ‘stage’ names.

Now regarding traffic into the website…most traffic is originating out of Mexico and Uruguay.

I’m thinking this is so because Frequency seems to be based out of Spain in spite of them not yet listing an official address.

Yes most of the people looking into this new deal are Spanish speaking and it’s a good match since all of their marketing material is in Spanish.

Frequency Product Line:

Even though this is Network Marketing, there isn’t any retail able products or services to sell. The only thing their reps and affiliates have to market is the make money ROI memberships themselves.

Frequency Compensation Plan:

They are asking that an Investment be made between $50 to $100,000 and for it to be made in Bitcoin.

In return (ROI), they are promising an unspecified monthly ROI over 9 months.

Frequency Referral Commissions:

They are paying out direct referrals using a Uniline Compensation Plan and to a depth of 3 levels:

Level 1- 10% (personally sponsored)

Level 2- 3%

Level 3- 2%

Frequency Residual Commissions:

They are paying out residuals using a Binary Matrix and positions are supposed to be filled directly and indirectly.

Cost to Join:

It costs you $25 annually for a membership fee plus an investment between $50 to $100,000 (made in BTC).


I don’t recommend Frequency as a legitimate Investment.


There are clearly too many Red Flags:

1- Forex Trading Revenue:

They are claiming that they create revenue to pay investors by Forex Trading and a Bot. But they are not showing any proof that any such revenue actually exists.

The only Revenue that is proven is from MLM Recruitment.

The recruitment of new Investment to pay the older investors (people at the top).

2- Illegal Securities:

Since Frequency is based out of Spain, then they need to register with The CNMV (Securities Regulatory Spain).

CNMV Spain

They are not showing that they are.

Come to think of it, MLM companies can’t register with any Securities Council world wide since MLM’s are not Financial institutions.

Frequency isn’t showing any registration for any jurisdiction even for that of Mexico and Uruguay.

3- No Retail:

For MLM’S to be legitimate, they must have real products or services that are retail able to sell to customers.

If people are only joining to make money and not for products or value, then most authorities like the FTC will consider your organization a Ponzi scheme!

Is Frequency a scam?

I have been reviewing MLM’s since before 2011 and have been seeing the great majority of Crypto MLM based platforms (99.9%) of them ending up scamming people to the tune of Billions of dollars.

If you think about it, MOST Crypto MLM’S aren’t really legit since they don’t have any retail products or services.

I honestly feel like Frequency will either get shut down by the authorities or collapse due to recruitment dying down.

Once either of these 2 things happen, most of the people (97%) end up losing money while the people at the top run away with the Lion’s share of the Investment.

For the people at the top to make money, most people (the majority) have to lose it.

This concludes my Frequency and review.

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