Exer VIP Club Review

Exer Vip Club ReviewRead this review before joining Exer VIP Club or any other investment platform. If it’s make money that you’re after, then you really need to read this now. There are certain things that you need to look for (signs of a sustainable business model) to keep feeding you income year after year.

There are also warning signs to watch out for that give you an idea if  you’re about to get involved in something that won’t last very long (taking your hard earned money and efforts with it).

Ok let’s get right into this review…

Exer VIP Club the Company:

I went over to their website at exervipclub.com and can’t figure out who is running this company and platform.

No President, CE0, Co-founder, CMO or even any leadership council.

There is no one taking ownership of this platform and company.

Exer VIP Club Owners: Anonymous owners.

I did find a very well drawn out diagram though.

In it it’s listing another company called Exer Canplus LTD as their parent company.

Apparently Exer Canplus LTD was incorporated in the Virgin islands back on December 2017.

That domain for this parent company was registered on November 2, 2017 by Someone with the name of Daniel Pasetti.

If Daniel is one of the owners (or admins) of Exer VIP Club, it’s unclear as to why his name isn’t listed on the main website exervipclub.com.

Another thing that I noticed was a lot of emphasis seems to be placed on ‘Networking’ based off of their terminology on the main website.

Yes networking is important but when the word is being used so often, this leads me to believe that the main focus will be on recruitment.

Exer VIP Club Product Line:

They have absolutely no products or services that are retailable at the moment.

The only thing their affiliates and distributors have to market is the make money membership itself.

Exer VIP Club Compensation Plan:

The preface is simple…

You as an investor will have to purchase points (coins) at a cost of 0.1 EUR each and then lend them back to the Company for a promised 300% ROI over a period of 36 months.

These coins are called Viridi Coins. For now I will refer to these coins as points since they are not yet publicly traded.

They have 8 Plans to choose from:

1- Invest 250 EUR, receive 2500 points and 750 EUR (ROI).

2- Invest 500 EUR, receive 5000 points and 1500 EUR (ROI).

3- INVEST 1000 EUR, receive 10,000 points and 3000 EUR (ROI).

4- Invest 2500 EUR, receive 25,000 points and 7500 EUR (ROI).

5- Invest 5,000 EUR, receive 50,000 points and 15,000 EUR (ROI).

6- Invest 10,000 EUR, receive 100,000 points and 30,000 EUR (ROI).

7- Invest 25,000 EUR, receive 250,000 points and 75,000 EUR (ROI).

8- Invest 50,000 EUR, receive 500,000 points and 150,000 EUR (ROI).

Referral Commissions:

Exer VIP Club is paying out referral commissions on 3 levels using a Uniline Comp plan as follows…

Level 1- 40% (personally sponsored).

Level 2- 15%

Level 3- 15%

Separate Mining referral commissions:

Level 1- 15%

Level 2- 10%

Level 3- 3%

Level 4- 3%

Level 5- 2%

Crypto School Commissions:

They are selling Crypto based education for 99 EUR (Online access) or 250 EUR (live classroom).

Level 1- 40%

Level 2- 15%

Level 3- 5%

Other Exer VIP Club Bonuses:

They have something called a Diamond Pool where they put aside 5% of all affiliate fees and pay this out twice per year.

In order to qualify for this bonus you will need to recruit at least 25 people into your downline.

Exer VIP Club Lotto:

Tickets are selling for 0.001 BTC and do not exede 100 Tickets per draw.

The winner takes 75% of the winnings and the other 25% goes to ‘other’ winners.

They have not stated who these other winners will be.

Cost to Join:

There is an affiliate fee of 499 EUR.

They have also stated that there is a free option to Join but can only earn mining referral commissions and you must install some kind of software that They will provide you with onto your computer.

I have no idea exactly what this software will be doing with your computer or how much control it will have.

Rory Singh Yacht ClubConclusion:

Exer VIP Club seems to be another HYIP deal that revolves around sponsoring and recruitment for revenue.


I  don’t recommend this platform since there are too many red flags in place:

1- Anonymous owners.

2- Promise of income. Anything that promises you an income for doing absolutely nothing is a red flag!

3- Exer VIP Club claims to generate revenue to pay investors by selling medical marijuana through its parent company (Exer Canplus LTD).

However their isn’t any proof to this.


As per Alexa.com, that parent company website is getting next to nil in traffic.

So if they are selling medical marijuana for real on that site, who could they be selling to if there is no reported traffic?

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