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There seems to be a lot of buzz on Facebook regarding this Elepreneurs MLM business opportunity.  Read this unbiased review written by someone not trying to sell it to you.

Before spending your time and hard earned money on marketing and promotion, you need to First learn what to look for in a company.

Money can always come back to us depending on our mindsets), but time…

That’s something that can’t be returned to us (our most precious commodity).

Leadership, products of value and a ‘duplicable’ system is what’s needed.

Let’s see if Elepreneurs meets these success requirements:

The Company:

The domain elepreneur.com was registered on August 10, 2017 by Robert Oblon (CEO / Founder).

Elepreneurs seems to be an MLM business model that revolves around the health, wellness and Travel niches.

It originally known as Elavicity back in 2015. This former business (Elavicity) is no longer and the admins seemed to have replaced it entirely for unknown reasons.

Both companies seem to be under an umbrella Corp called Sharing Services Inc.

Elepreneurs is headed up by a few good men (Jordan Brock, Frank Walters and Robert Obion) all who seem to be directors of Sharing Services Inc.

Product Line:

As I said above…

Elepreneurs has health and wellness along with Travel related products.


The wellness products seem ready to go but at the time of doing this review, there Four Ocean Travel products still seem to be in the works.

Elepreneurs Compensation Plan:

13 Ranks:

They seem to have the usual MLM type of ranking system. Most other companies start at the Bronze level.

However Elepreneurs has created a rank before Bronze that is called Star.

Distributors will have to work their way up the MLM ladder from Star level right up to the Tripple Crown Ambassador level  (13 ranks in all).

Rank advancement is dependent on your performance levels as well as what they call your Group Volume (GV).

The more members you recruit and how many products all of your team moves (sells), the better that you’ll do.

All of this will be based on your leadership skills.

Check Matching Bonuses:

Elepreneurs seems to have a system that gives you additional income based on how many people you are capable of recruiting.

Recruit 1 person and they will give you a check match for 22%.

Recruit 2 people and get 44%.

Recruit 3 people and it is 66%.

Recruit 4 people and it goes up to 88%.

Recruit 5 people and they will pay you 110% based on 2 Recruits with the highest earnings (Rock Stars).

Other bonuses:

Elepreneurs also seems to have the usual type of bonuses that come with standard MLM comp models like Lifestyle, Global Bonus Pool and something extra…

They are offering members the added bonus of earning Stock Rewards.

There umbrella company (Sharing Services Inc) is registered with the SEC in the US which will allow them to legally offer securities.


Elepreneurs has an Infinity Bonus Pool that pays  out to infinity by using a Uniline Comp plan.

Your residual income will be based on how your overall dowline team does.


Is Elepreneurs a Scam?

No they seem to be a legitimate company and business model.

Do I recommend them?

Sure. I don’t see why not…

They have products of value, leadership and experience in the MLM industry.

However, I personally wouldn’t market them myself.

They seem like a great company but it’s just not  my cup of tea.

I have been sweetened to Internet Marketing.

To me personally it is much easier to put yourself in front of your ‘target’ market and there is a lot more reach online.

I am the type of person who doesn’t like personal Contact and belly to belly meetings.

Here is the –>>ONLY System that I will ever market Online…

It’s lot more fun (and profitable) to have people coming to you (instead of the Other way around).

The Internet allows you to recruit and sponsor without having to pick up the phone and call anyone.


You will never have to do personal Contact again unless you want to!

Simple, Straight Forward and Lucrative!

Rory Singh

Rory is a Husband, Father and Entrepreneur from Ontario, Canada. If you got some value here today and would like to connect, reach out to me on Facebook.

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