Elamant Review

I went over to Elamant.com to start doing some research for this review.

They claim that most other companies that leverage the MLM business model are doing things wrong.

And that most companies end up getting set up like a Pyramid Ponzi Scheme which in turn gets them in trouble with the FTC.

But is Elamant really different?

You be the judge…

Elamant The Company:

-Started back in 2017 out of Singapore.

-Incorporated in October 2017 in Singapore.

– The address used in Singapore is just a virtual office space address that houses many other businesses.

-Elamant seems to be operating out of Singapore virtually only.

Elamant Ownership:

The President and CEO is an American named Ryan Evans.

Evans is based out of California.

*Elamant is most likely being run out of California instead of Singapore.


Evans was the operations director of another MLM similar to Elamant called “Saivian”.

Unfortunately Saivian collapsed in mid 2017 before Elamant started up.

Elamant Product Line:

They have no retailable products or services at the moment. The only thing their affiliates and distributors have to market is the make money membership itself.

There are products on the backend of these memberships though…

It seems that members will get access to:

1- Cashback Rewards.

2- Discounts.

3- Travel Portal.

Compensation Plan:

$128 monthly that supposedly leads to a $1 Million anual income some how.

Traditional MLM Ranks:

Elamant seems to have the usual type of ranking system that comes with the MLM business model.

Recruit (first rank), must maintain 3 active downline members….

All the way to the highest rank called…

Diamond Executive (must have 8,000 downline members).


This looks like a well oiled MLM deal. Everything about this seems like what Elamant is claiming that they aren’t.. .

A company that uses the MLM business model to make sales (that doesn’t look like a Ponzi Scheme.

The problem?

The FTC seems to be getting very picky nowadays.

And they love to ‘deem’ any company that doesn’t have ‘retailable’ products and services as…Ponzi Schemes!

I know that Elamant does have access to products on the backend of their memberships but the only thing that their reps and distributors have to market is the memberships alone.

And on top of that, the idea of an average rep having the ability to make up to $1 Million a year (as Elamant claims), won’t make things better.

This must be why they aren’t marketing in the US despite of being owned by an American.

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