Ecovill Nature Review

Ecoville Nature ReviewIs Ecovill really a Legitimate Investing platform or just another Ponzi Scam to get your money?

Let’s find out…

When I first came online back in 2005 I grew tired of so many people calling legitimate home based business opportunities a Ponzi Scheme.

Now after doing so many reviews after the Bitcoin and Crypto craze that has so many people in an uproar…I am understanding why!

What seems to be happening is a ton of folks who have grown tired of their humdrum lives are now seeking financial freedom by hopefully finding the secret ‘magic’ system that will take them to the promised land.

Then when they find out that not much happens after just blindly joining something and just sitting idly by hoping to strike it rich online…they get really angry…bitter even and end up calling everything a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme.

Not to mention that some greedy Ponzi Scheme owners are not making things better in our online world by creating systems to cheat people out of their money.

Is Ecovill Nature a Scam?

I surely hope not. They have got pictures of Doves on their website for crying out loud! Doves are a symbol of the ‘Holy Spirit’. That would be really bad karma indeed!

Ecovill Nature The Company:

They claim that they started as a young company based in the UK aroung 2009.

However the incorporation certificate that they are sporting on their website seems to be only registered on November 14, 2017.

Did Ecovill Nature start back in 2009 In the UK and only incorporate in 2017?


The domain itself was privately registered on November 11, 2017 (only 3 days before they incorporated in the UK).

And it seems like UK incorporation certificates are easily attainable for anyone who has a UK address.

Almost anyone can get one.

The address that they are using in the UK is also linked to another HYIP type of deal called Cryptonion which offers a 1.55% daily ROI. Go figure!

Ecoville Nature is claiming that they are indeed a UK company right from the start however Alexa is showing that most of the traffic is coming from the Ukraine and Russia. Most likely the people running this deal are from one of those companies instead of the UK.

Ecovill Nature Product Line:

They have no products or services that are retail-able at the moment. The only thing that their distributors have to market is the membership itself.

Ecovill Compensation Plan:

Invest your funds for a daily ROI for a maturity period of 60 days. Nice and simple!

They have 3 Plans to choose from:

1- Invest between $10 – $1,000 and receive a daily ROI of 2.7%.

2- Invest between $1,010 – $3,000 and receive a daily ROI of 3.2%.

3- Invest $3,010 (or more) and receive a daily ROI of 3.7%.

Referral Commissions:

Ecovill Nature seems to be paying out on 3 levels deep (using a uniline compensation model):

1- 7% (personally sponsored distributors).

2- 3%

3- 2%

Cost to Join Ecovill Nature?

1- Free to join for all the Network Marketers (but you can only make referral commissions).

2- $10 minimum for all the passive people who just want to join and make money.


This looks like another Ponzi Scheme or HYIP that relies on recruitment for the creation of Revenue. Recruitment of new investors to pay older investors.


I don’t reccomend this system.


Too many red flags!

1- Anonymous Owners.

2- Promise of income (anything that promises you income online for doing absolutely nothing more than joining is a red flag).

3- Food Production Revenue? Ecoville claims that they have some farming facilities that create revenue for his company. If so, why aren’t they proving this?

Plus if they really do, what do they need with the Network Marketing income?

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