Easy Hits 4 U Review – Does it Really Work?

If your looking for a good review of the Easy Hits 4 U traffic exchange then look no further. This is definitely a traffic exchange that you don’t want to miss out on if your looking into ways to gain exposure to your website.

How does it work? They offer a ratio of one visitor for every website that you click on. There are 15 second timers that offer a .5 credit and a 20 second timer that will offer you a full credit. So if you want to get one click to your website, then you will be required to spend at least 20 seconds on someone’s website before earning a credit that you can later assign to your website.

What Can I expect? You will get 1 real visitor for every 1 website that you actually visit and stay on for 20 seconds.

Can I Generate Leads Online By Doing This? Yes you can but keep in mind that it will take thousands of clicks to your landing pages before you may get a lead.

Why Do Traffic Exchanges Convert So Poorly? They convert poorly because everyone using them wants the same thing that you want – traffic to their website so that they can make money. Most of these people already have a website and bought into some kind of business with the hopes to become successful.

They already have a start but are looking for ways to make what they already have ‘work’ for them.

Conclusion: If your looking to generate leads online with this form of traffic getting systems, then you must realize that it will take a lot of patience. Yes it can work for you but you must be able to first get their attention and then put some kind of offer that seems interesting enough for them to opt into. If you have a system that can actually teach them to get traffic, then this may be an option for you.

This concludes my review of the Easy Hits 4 U Traffic Exchange System.


I felt like this opportunity had too many red flags and for those reasons I am out!

Here is a legitimate income opportunity that I found online that has more profit potential than Academy…

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