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In this Disrupt Worldwide Review, see what’s behind the company, founders, vision, comp plan and the POWER of this Business Opportunity. Are you a Serious Entrepreneur? Then this may be for you.

Is this a Reboot of Wake Up Now?

Let’s find out now…

Formerly Known As Wake Up Now: Disrupt Worldwide seems to be a replacement for a previous company called Wake Up Now. Does this mean that just because Wake Up Now closed down, same thing can happen with Disrupt?

First of all, I would like to say that Wake Up Now closed its doors due to poor management by a ‘former’ CEO.

They weren’t shut down by the FTC or any other government agency. The company decided to close down after a former CEO made some big mistakes that did some damage to the company. Business is Business and sometimes companies hire the wrong people to run their company. And no I am not affiliated with Disrupt or Wake Up Now in any way.

However, I did say choose wisely in the title of this post.

What do I mean?

The company does look good on paper (hype included), and yes the original version of this model did close its doors.

Yes I realize that I did say they made a mistake and should be given a second chance since there are so many top notch marketers promoting it.

But make sure that before you get involved with any company, system or movement, that you must realize where your strength really lies.

I will go into more detail about this at the end of this review.

For now, let’s look at all the positive aspects of Disrupt…

Future Outlook for Disrupt? They seemed to have hired a Top of the Line (new) CEO who should make the world of difference for the future of this new company, its owners and especially its distributors (maybe you).

On another note regarding the owners…

A mistake was made before with WUN (decisions that a former CEO made). Sure. I don’t disagree with this at all. But (and this is a big but), the owners were still in charge of the company weren’t they?

Now please don’t get me wrong.

I am not going to try to ‘spin’ this review into a ‘bashfest’ for Disrupt.

Disrupt so far looks like a Bad Ass company. If I weren’t already focused elsewhere, I would be seriously looking into this income vehicle for myself.

But the owners did allow a former person who had ‘authority’ to make decisions on behalf of the company and he made bad decisions that lead to the company ‘deciding’ to shut down and start over.

So they made a mistake and shouldn’t be penalized by the Internet Marketing World for it. We all make mistakes and everyone should be given a secondchance.

However, this time around they really need to focus on decisions that will ‘benefit’ everyone who is involved with them.

For every successful company Online today, there are a lot of ‘hard working’ marketers responsible for sending droves of ‘targeted’ traffic to their corporate sites on any given day (even Sundays).

Sure the owners of any MLM, Network Marketing or even Affiliate Marketing company out there in La La Land paid the price to start the company and get up and running. There is always a price for success and the owners pay the price but need to keep on paying it forward so that all the hard working marketers behind them have something to ‘rely’ on.

Launch Date: This Company launched early 2015.


Jason Elrod is an Investor. He has investments in the Real Estate Sector (development firm) that is responsible for creating over $70 Million and the assembly of over 10,000 acres in Arizona and Idaho. Jason also invests in Network and Internet Marketing due to the influx if people entering our industry on a daily basis.

Every 6 seconds someone joins a network marketing business (in the US alone) so the decision to enter this industry (coming from real estate) is a sound one.

Rea Nichols: Rea obviously has the ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ running through him…from businesses in the construction, furniture, restaurant and even hotel industries, he also has a 20 year track record in this (direct sales) industry. He has been a top earner and leader for not one but 3 Multi Million Dollar Companies. In one of his organizations as team leader, he has over 27,000 people in his down line. Talk about impressive. Sleep much Rea? This guy apparently built his direct sales (network marketing) business while building his brick and mortar ventures. This guys a bad ass!

The Product Line:

They seem to have (3) different type of products…Financial, Travel and Wellness. Talk about hot products, all 3 sectors are not only hot but combined can equate to a ‘Trillion’ Dollar a Year Industry! The ‘Perfect Storm’ of Opportunity all under one roof!

Financial education is not taught in schools and the first product type in this line up will help you sharpen your finance skills. People are taught how to get an education and then get a job but not how to manage and then grow their money.

Disrupt Money includes the (4) pillars below and cost $19.95 Per Month.

Disrupt Finance: This is a tool that allows you to keep track and monitor all of your expenses in one place along with the ability to create a budget that will work and fit into your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter how much money you make, it’s what you get to keep that matters most. Even millionaires keep track of their spending and stick to a budget…that’s how they keep it!

TaxBot: This is basically a cell phone application that will help you track all of your business tax related expenses. If you are a business person then you will definitely want to maximize the amount of money that you keep by being able to ‘write off’ taxable expenses. This app will help you just that and more.

Wealth Management: This product will help you to start planning for your retirement. It also will help educate you in the world of savings and investing for a bright future.

Finance 101: This product is comprised of 9 mini courses (a library for finance) that will help teach you about money the easy way. I say the easy way because as human beings, we usually learn by making mistakes. This product will help you by saving a lot of your hard earned money by being smart with your overall approach to credit cards, student loans, mortgages and investing in general.

Recap: I believe that the general public doesn’t have enough financial education and the ‘average’ consumer knows next to nothing in regards to finance. People are paying through their teeth in taxes, in debt and in poor spending in general.

All of this is based on ignorance from past programming that has been handed down to us from generation to generation.

Even after saying all that, I believe that the super wealthy would be more keen to pay attention to these types of products than the average Joe consumer.

In my opinion, I believe that these financial products will offer a lot of value.

Disrupt Worldwide Travel: The product costs $54.95 per month.

According to the company, they have partnered up with a very reputable and established travel firm to save you a lot of money and time with your travel purchases. Everything from condos, cruises, hotels and even time shares.

Have you ever gotten sucked into one of those time share deals that they try to sell while your on vacation in Orlando Florida?

I almost got trapped into one of those deals. When I travel I usually do end up staying in a luxurious time share condo but get to do this without having to pay over ‘inflated’ prices.

Well Disrupt Travel will allow you to just the same. It would be like getting to co- own a time share without the high fees that come with the ownership.

Recap: This travel product is meant to save you a lot of money with travel related expenses while simultaneously saving you time.

Disrupt Wellness:

1) Thunder: The first set of wellness products that they seem to have are Thunder Energy Drinks and Bars. They are supposed to get their energy from ‘natural’ caffeine instead of the usual ‘synthetic’ caffeine that is found in most energy drinks.

2) Digital Health:

Do you remember the doctor that worked on board the USS Voyager (Star Trek)? Well this is something like that except that you are going to have access to a real live doctor instead of a ‘holographic’ program.

This is basically your doctor on call that you can take anywhere with you while on vacation.

3) My E-Wellness: This seems like a computer software that is set up to track your workouts, access to video tutorials, track your progress and a library of articles, videos and tips.

This product will help you get into and stay in shape along with the ability to track every step along your path to health optimization.

How Do You Make Money With Disrupt?

1) Retail Sales: You can make money by selling the products to potential customers who are looking for financial, travel and wellness products. You make a percentage for every bundle or package that you sell.

2) Recruiting: This is an MLM Business Opportunity and that usually entails the development of your own personal organization of downline members in your team. You can make even more money by sponsoring others into the company.


Should you join Disrupt Worldwide? Well the company, product line and vision seems like a very solid business opportunity. Yes there seems to be a lot of hype related around this new start up company but the thing is…hype sells. Without it, the opportunity would seem to be bland or boring and most people wouldn’t be attracted to it.

I personally love hype and wouldn’t join a boring hum drum business no matter how solid it’s supposed to be.

Everything seems to look very impressive although the compensation plan and product bundles seem to be a little confusing. Maybe it’s just me. All in all, this still seems like a good opportunity for the serious entrepreneur.

I also like the fact that they are involved in 3 of the hottest industries…Finance, Travel and Wellness.

If you are serious, willing to do the work, learn the skills needed to become successful along with following through with your commitment to yourself (yes you will need to persevere), then get back to the person who referred you and get in.

In truth, your potential doesn’t lie in any opportunity. You first have to realize that you are the REAL Opportunity…what your willing to do for yourself and if you are willing to run with this business starting off with the ‘right’ mindset…That you will make this work not the other way around…seeing if it’ll work for you.

If you are like most people, who will get in with the mentality of seeing if it’ll work for you, then it won’t.


If your not ready just yet, then do some more due diligence and get more educated so you can make the right decision as to what’s best for you and your family.

So what do I really mean by choosing wisely?

Now that you know that there is no system that can guarantee your success (without your willingness to succeed that is backed with acquiring the rightmindset and then taking action), then you can now choose an opportunity for the right reasons.

This concludes my Review of Disrupt Worldwide. Thank you for reading!

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