Digital Freedom Fighter Review

Digital Freedom Fighter The Company:

This system was created by Tim Berger (founder of 6 Figure Empire and The Fearless Momma) in July 2019. At the time of me writing this article review, it’s pretty well brand spanking new.

The main website is

The company and system is being operated out of Salem Ohio.

Tim is a simple guy who grew up on a farm who eventually figured out how to become successful. Eventually he launched his own system and company.

The Design and Ad Copy of this system seems very appealing and well created. I believe that it can do well conversion wise for those who send traffic to it.

Digital Freedom Fighter Product Line:

Currently they seem to still be in the works of finalizing the product line. However from what I have seen, there will be 5 levels (products) that affiliates can join at:

1- DFF Vault: Live once per week web class hosted by Tim Berger. Ongoing live training. Cost of $49.

Other Products / Levels of Entry:

2- $100

3- $200

4- $300

5- $549 (all in).

Digital Freedom Fighter Compensation Plan:

They are paying out 100% Commissions.

Pier to Pier Payments (you will be paid directly using online payment processors ETC).

Digital Freedom Fighter Video Review:

Digital Freedom Fighter Conclusion:

This seems to be another ‘front’ end for The 6 Figure Empire System. Others that are similar and still out there online are:

1- Fearless Momma

2- Instant Payment Method

Can you make money with this type of system?

The key to making money with this type of affiliate marketing system is to learn how to KEEP sending traffic into the the lead capture pages. The more targeted the traffic is, the better over all you will do.

The Author

Verdict? This seems to be an appealing system. It gives people who can’t afford to join 6 Figure Empire (products and levels from $1,000 to $7,000) the ability to get started using the DFF System and earning between $100 to $500 Commissions.

It’s also a good way to ‘introduce’ The 6 Figure Empire System on the back end.

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