Digital Altitude Review – May The ‘Force’ Be With You!

2017 to 2018 Review. Get a peak behind Michael Force’s well oiled Big Ticket machine. This is basically a ‘top tier’ direct sales opportunity that is geared more towards the SERIOUS Online Entrepreneur. It’s not something for the curious or the meek. It’s a powerful system that has low cost ‘front end’ products but higher ‘big ticket’ products and the compensation to go with it!

With that said, it’s not for everyone. But it’s an opportunity for the person who wants the commission power to REPLACE their income online along with some of the best training to go along with it.

Before I get into this very detailed review of DA, I just want to let you know that this company and platform is changing a lot of peoples lives by leveraging the Power of the Internet. What’s the Secret Sauce? Most people are not good at sponsoring and recruiting; team building. Most people are not good on the phone. And most people are not good at selling themselves.

So with DA, you have a little shortcut.

A little window of opportunity (that can turn into a very large window for you if you are focused, coach able and willing) by leveraging this system.

Shortcut 1- Coaches To Train You (and Close Your Sales for You):

DA’s No.1 Secret Sauce comes down to their Coaches.

Each of their coaches has already earned a 6 figure income online.

They have hired some of the very best IM coaches who will call all of your leads for you, work with them and even close your sales for you!

PLUS…They will hand hold you through the whole process!

This is very powerful.

It’s powerful because it allows you the marketer to take the weight off your shoulders (of prospecting / phone calling leads) and allows you to focus on just one thing…

Shortcut 2- Top Tier Level of Training on Traffic and Marketing:

Marketing (Your Traffic) is the Blood of your Business and Online Success (so to speak).

They have some of the very best training on traffic strategies like:

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • You tube Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Much More!

**They also have in house Paid Advertising that is highly geared towards this business and platform. You will even get trained (both live and recorded) on paid ads (that they supply you with).

Most new marketers suck at paid advertising. Well with DA, you will now have the opportunity to learn (and eventually master) paid advertising.

There is always a story behind the story…Here’s the one BEHIND DA…

No more guessing as to what ads will convert with your income opportunity.

Okay enough about the marketing stuff.

Let’s dig into this company and platform.

Let’s start with the man behind the company:

Founder: This company and system is founded by Michael Force who is an ex Marine and top industry leader in the direct sales industry for the last 10 years or so.

He was a Marine and without a doubt, a very disciplined person.

No one could reach the level of Marine without discipline, stamina and lots of will.

Digital Altitude Physical Address: 16192 Coastal Hwy, Lewes, DE 19958, USA

I have seen some of the military and ex military come to this industry and make life changing income for themselves first hand.

I actually coached someone in the past who was in ‘active’ duty US Military overseas in Afghanistan to build a previous business (that Michael was a top earner in) and she actually started making Big Ticket sales online that started at $1,500.

This girl started building her business and started making sales that put $1,000 to $5,000 (net) into her pockets WHILE there was a war going on!

She started having success mainly because she was able to make herself ‘take action daily‘ while following through with what I told her to do.

She started seeing results online (even though she was brand spanking new) because she trusted me and more importantly…listened to me!

So yes, if you have the discipline that is necessary and can follow some simple directions, then you have a chance at making your breakthrough online with DA.


The products are geared around Internet Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Online Training. The first three products that they have to offer are ‘digital’ and you will have access to them online:

The first level product is something that everyone can afford. This is the product that opens DA to the masses (due to the affordability of the product). 

1- Aspire: Business building training, access to life coaches, access to websites and sales funnels and more!

Cost $37 to $97 per month. This first level product is a monthly subscription that you will pay every month until you cancel. You will also get paid monthly reoccurring $$$ on all active subscriptions that come through your affiliate link.

Here is what you get:

  • Digital Business Video Trainings: The 3 key steps to start-up, set-up and promote your business.
  • Private Digital Client For Life Coaches: Personal 1 v 1 access to the industry leading coaches who will help you reach your goals.
  • 7-Figure Sales Funnels & Websites: Sales funnels designed by 7-figure earners that AUTOMATE the sales process.
  • Follow Up Sequences & Sales Automation: Reveals the Secret Sauce of how to follow up and automate your business so that you can have more time freedom.
  • High Commission Back End Products: Back-end products have been built in to give you the leverage of top-tier commissions.
  • Done-For-You Branding Solutions: Want high conversions? That’s where branding comes in and they offer tailor made solutions to make you more profitable.
  • Traffic & Social Media Solutions: Online business lives and dies by it’s traffic and their traffic solutions are forged from years of success.
  • Latest Tools & Resources: You cannot be behind in digital entrepreneurship. They have the latest tools and resources to keep you competitive. 
  • Merchant & Payroll Services: Done for you accounting, funding and payroll services.
  • Support, Forums & Live Chat: Instant availability of support is the key in a thriving sustainable business.  Covered!
  • Community & Leadership: Connect and learn from others to go from leader to legend.
  • Networking, Live Events & Coaching: The famous saying “your net worth is determined by your network” really rings true here. Our networking events full of 6 & 7 figure earners will drastically upgrade your network!

**Aspire has 2 different levels:

– Aspire Walker ($37 / mo):

Pays out 40%

Pays out on Tier 1 only.

-Aspire Climber ($97 / mo):

Pays out 45% on Tier 1.

Pays out 10% on Tier 2.

Pays out 5% on Tier 3.

Aspire is step by step information gathering process that will educate you on how products are sold /marketed online as well as introducing the power of back end sales along with the power of advertising. You will definitely learn a lot!

There is 18 Steps (and training modules) that will educate you. Here is a glimpse of the first 6:

**The next set of products are ‘one time purchases’. Don’t get alarmed by the sticker prices. This is the norm for all top tier products and compensation plans. That is why I said that this opportunity is geared more for the person looking to replace their income entirely online.**

2- Base – Digital Business Mastery Course:

Getting started is one of the hardest parts of getting into business and this product is focused on building up your mind and planning your route.


Section 1:  Prepare

  • Module #1: Sets up your personal preparation and teaches you how to develop your business goals.
  • Module #2: Essential business planning including legal entity formation, business banking and proper accounting.
  • Module #3: Crafting A Branding & Design That Captivates & Sells Seamlessly.
  • Module #4: Architecture of a beautiful website, blog and social media presence for skyrocketing your traffic & conversions.

Section 2:  Launch

  • Module #5: “Customers Come Running” Launch Formula.
  • Module #6: How to engineer a viral social media campaign.
  • Module #7: 5 Key Principles of Analytics, Tools & Reporting and how they control your profits.
  • Module #8: The 5 MUSTS for every entrepreneur when launching a business.

Section 3:  Grow

  • Module #9: A-Z on running lean, boot strapping and tweaking your business for long term profits.
  • Module #10: They secret to creating a captivating customer experience gets them and keeps ’em hooked.
  • Module #11: How to build a cult-like-tribe that hangs on your every word.
  • Module #12: How to build automated online systems that SAVE time and Make money.

>>>How Much Does Base Cost? Price:$597 (One Time)

Pays out 40 to 60% commissions.

3- Rise – Digital Marketing Mastery Course:

A powerful business marketing mastery course that provides basic and advanced shortcuts, traffic, tools and
resources to fast track your digital business’s success.

Section 1:  Commit

  • Module #1: Making A Commitment To Success As A Marketer In The Digital Age.
  • Module #2: The Fundamental Mindset Shift That Will Generate More Success Than Any Other.
  • Module #3: How To Use The Irrationality Of The Market To Your Favor To Create Buzz For Your Products.
  • Module #4: The 80/20 Rule Of Customers: How To Find The “Elusive 20%” Who Generate 80% Of Your Sales, And How This Can Free You.

Section 2:  Customer

  • Module #5: How To Identify The Emotional Trigger Buttons In Your Prospects That Practically “Force” Them to Buy.
  • Module #6: How To Identify And Attract The Perfect Customer 99% Of The Time.
  • Module #7: How To Harness The Timeless Art Of Direct Response To Lower Customer Acquisition Costs.
  • Module #8: Why The Unique Demands Of The Information Age Require You To Become An“Educational Marketer.”

Section 3:  Create

  • Module 9: How To Create A Brand Name That Sticks In Your Customers’ Mind Like A Catchy Pop Song.
  • Module 10: How To Instantly Trigger A Powerful Desire In Your Customers’ Minds That Almost “Forces” Them To Buy.
  • Module 11: How To Create Tiered Marketing And Product Sequencing To Capture Repeat Sales.
  • Module 12: How To Create A FREE Tripwire Front End Product That Will Have Your Visitors hungry To Join Your List.

Section 4:  Words

  • Module 13: Discover The Secrets Behind High-Converting Headlines That Pull More Sales.
  • Module 14: Get Your Audience To Relate To You With A Personalized Brand Story And Build Credibility & Trust.
  • Module 15: How To Craft Killer Copy That Will Sell Anything, Even If You’re Not A Good Writer.
  • Module 16: How To Craft The Perfect Marketing Message To Attract The Perfect Customer.

Section 5:  Partners

  • Module 17: How To Easily Create Ads That Generate Massive Response And Boost Your Sales.
  • Module 18: How To Partner With Others To Sell More Of Your Products And Services.
  • Module 19: 3 Simple Steps To More–And Better–Referrals.

>>> How Much Does Rise Cost? Price: $2197 (One Time)

Pays out 40 to 60% commissions.

The next set of products that Digital Altitude has are ‘live’ conferences and retreats that take place periodically throughout the year…

4- Ascend – Digital Business Profit Workshop:

A 5-Day all inclusive retreat for two that brings the world’s leading thought leaders in business success,
and leadership directly to you to learn from.

A three day training event and conference that is held in Exotic locations around the world. The last one was held in Hawaii.

Day 1 Agenda

  • Top 5 Most Profitable Traffic Sources: 5 Little known places where you can generate overflowing rivers of traffic incredibly cheap!
  • 6 Strategies To Scale Traffic: How to scale your traffic from a small initial trickle all the way up to millions of hits.
  • 7-Figure Conversion Hacks: Little-known “secret ninja copy techniques” that all the 7 figure marketers use today.
  • 3 Powerful Funnel Formulas: Discover precision-engineered funnel formulas that convert right-on-the-money in any niche.

Day 2 Agenda

  • The Power Of A Personal Brand: How to create an instantly-recognizable personal brand that crushes conversions.
  • How To Tell Your Story: How to tell an unforgettable story that sears your brand into your audience’s imagination.
  • Finding The Guru In You: How to tap into your own “inner reservoir” of experience and package it into a winning product.
  • How To Master Video: How to harness the power of video to create lasting connections with your customers.

Day 3 Agenda

  • Increase Conversions With Analytics: How to leverage the power of analytics to send your conversions through the roof.
  • How To Create Amazing Content: Create fascinating, engaging content that leaves prospects “begging” to own what you’re selling.
  • How To Work Smarter With Outsourcing: Use outsourcing to lower costs, leverage your effort, and increase profit.
  • How To Build A Team: Discover the “power of duplication” and how it can literally “multiply” your sales exponentially.

>>How Much Does Ascend Cost? Price: $9997 (One Time)

Pays out 40 to 60% commissions.

Here is a brief video of the last Ascend (2017):

5- Peak – Digital Business Prosper Retreat:

  • How To Scale Your Digital Business: How to take your business to the 7 & 8 Figure levels of revenue, and beyond!
  • Creating Joint Ventures: Make contacts with key players in your industry and massively expand your reach.
  • Adding Massive Value: Find out how to add massive value to your products and services and get your customers hungry for what you’re selling.
  • Find The Best Talent: How to hire the best, most talented people for the most affordable prices.
  • 6 Strategies For Awesome Accounting: How to manage your accounts to save big on expenses and taxes.
  • Creating A Solid Organization: How to build a team that will drive sales and propel growth at your business–even when you’re not there.
  • Motivating A Winning Team: How to motivate your team so they are as dedicated to growing your business as you are.
  • Prepare Your Legal Entity: How to set up the right legal entity, protect your assets and keep taxes to a minimum.
  • 7 Sales Growth Strategies: Learn the leading sales strategies that are working now to maximize your LCV.
  • Creating Powerful Presentations: How to create powerful sales presentations that set your revenue into hyperdrive.
  • Creating Customers for Life: The 4 “must know” strategies for creating lifetime customer loyalty.
  • The Power of Influence: How to become an “influencer” and command the respect of your entire market.
  • Time Management & Productivity: How to manage time so you make more money while working less.
  • Create More Efficiency In Your Business: Find out how to ‘grease your business’ wheels‘ so it runs faster & smoother.
  • How To Automate 80% Of Your Business:Discover how 3 new technologies can automate most of your business and save you time.
  • Create More Time Freedom: How to automate and outsource your business so you can spend more time with your loved ones
  • How To Raise More Capital: You’ll learn 3 powerful tactics for raising instant capital for your business.
  • Create More Cashflow: How to “put your cash flow on overdrive”and get even more new income streams.
  • The 5 Big Financial Mistakes To Avoid: Learn to avoid these 5 mistakes and ensure you’re on the fast track to success.
  • How 7-Figure Earners Did It: Hear stories from those who were once in your shoes and how they reached their dreams.

>>>How Much Does Peak Cost? Price: $19,997 (One time)

Pays out 40 to 60% commissions.

6- Apex – Digital Business Legacy Experience:

A 7-Day all inclusive retreat for two that brings the world’s leading experts in wealth building, investing,
real estate, and asset management so you can leave an legacy.

Day 1 Agenda

  • How To Become Financially Free: 5 key steps on the path to freedom, and how to walk them effortlessly.
  • How To Create Additional Income: Discover little known ways to create diversified income streams and profit.
  • Build Streams Of Cash Flow: You’ll learn how to add more streams of cash flow to pad your bottom line.
  • Secure Your Retirement Income: 5 strategies to secure an autopilot retirement income that pays you while you sleep.

Day 2 Agenda

  • How the rich get richer: simple strategies that every rich person knows yet almost no middle class people do.
  • Fund your investments with opm: how to invest with other peoples’ money and enjoy 100% upside, no downside
  • Take control of your financial future: how to take your finances by the horns in 6 easy steps.
  • How to beat wall street: the #1 advantage that you have over “wall street geniuses” & how to use it.

Day 3 Agenda

  • Boost your financial iq: learn the 3 steps to boosting your financial iq to “genius” level.
  • leverage secrets. How to harness the power of leverage to grow and scale your business.
  • invest like the rich: discover the closed door investing secrets of the rich and powerful.
  • create long term wealth strategies: 9 simple, but little known long-term wealth strategies the wealthy use every day.

Day 4 Agenda

  • The Inner Game of Wealth: Discover the way wealthy people think and how to replicate them.
  • How To Stay Wealthy For Life: Learn the 9 top-secret ways the wealthy stay wealthy, & how to use them.
  • Your Financial Thermostat. Why 99% of people’s thermostats are way off when it comes to money, and what to do about it.
  • The Law Of Attraction: Discover why your relationship with money repels or attracts it to you.

Day 5 Agenda

  • Win The Credit Score Game: Discover the 7 ways you can create a better credit score effortlessly.
  • How To Create Your Own Bank: You’ll learn a little known strategy the rich have used for decades.
  • Create A Tax Free Retirement: Discover how to rid yourself of taxes during retirement–100% legally!
  • How The Rich Use IRA’s: How the ultra rich do IRAs differently from the rest of us, and why it matters.

Day 6 Agenda

  • Awesome Asset Protection: Discover 4 strategies to help create better asset protection in your portfolio.
  • Ultra Rich Legal Tax Strategies: the tax strategies of the ultra rich aren’t nearly as complex as you think–but they’re very effective.
  • Risk Managment Tactics: How to minimize your exposure to risk When you invest your earnings.
  • Annuity Analysis: A new way to analyze annuities and choose the best option for you.

Day 7 Agenda

  • Rising real estate: discover how to invest in property successfully from some of the world’s top real estate pros.
  • Hidden markets & no money down: learn how to find hidden markets and create no money down deals.
  • Wholesaling & rehabbing profits: discover how to explode your profits with wholesaling and rehabbing.
  • Time tested tax liens: discover the little known but lucrative tax lien strategies that can save you big time on tax day.

>>>How Much Does Apex Cost? Price: $29,997 (One-time)

Pays out 40 to 60% commissions.

Other products…

  • Guru You: Tools for branding and social media that includes head shots, director videos, help with setting up social media etc.
  • Inbound:  You get a content and blog and this ranges from $15 to $1500 per month depending on how crazy you want to go.
  • Traffic & Funnel Products:  You can get traffic packages so you can build a list of subscribers that are ready to buy.  There are 12 products and services in total here.

Social Media Marketing University

This course is a new addition as of 2017 and offers you an education on how to us social media for profit and not just for fun.

The course includes the following:

  • How Social Media Marketing is best used by entrepreneurs and career professionals from
  • Choosing the right social media sites and tools for your needs and the best tactics to use
  • How to get started and how to maintain your social media campaign
  • Top 10 Keys to Social Media Marketing Success
  • How to create and setup a highly effective and optimized profile that people will love
  • How to reach and connect with the people you want to meet
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing
  • How to use Social Media to attract top paying, high-end clients

The course can be purchased or sold separately, but comes as an included bonus if you purchase RISE.

Note: You aren’t required to purchase these high ticket courses and retreats. You can elect to upgrade anytime.

Compensation Plan:

You can make between 40% to 60% commissions (Minus -20% for Coach Assist)

**However if you are positioned at the Rise Level (or higher) and wish to do your own sponsoring and recruiting (closing), you can request to “Coach Your Own Team” which will allow you to keep the 20% that would have gone to a coach to close your sales for you.**

If you are new and don’t have much experience with prospecting then I would highly recommend you leave your account set to Coach Assist…freeing up your time to focus on driving traffic.

Compensation Plan is a 3 tier Uni level which looks like this:

  • Tier 1:  45% Commissions (Your personally enrolled members)
  • Tier 2:  10% Commissions (Your Tier 1’s enrolled members)
  • Tier 3:  5% Commissions (Your Tier 2’s enrolled members)

Overall across 3 tiers, it pays 60%.

The system has a combined 60 steams of income, 19 of which are monthly residual…

Aspire Monthly Commission Breakdown:

Walker $37 per month pays 40% on 1 tier:

  • Tier 1:  40%

Climber $97 per month pays 60% on 3 tiers

  • Tier 1:  45%
  • Tier 2:  10%
  • Tier 3:  5%

Note:  To get PAID across ALL 3 Tiers with the CORE products below, you must be at the CLIMBER level.

If you are at WALKER, you get paid 1 Tier at 40%. So to take advantage of all 3 tiers, Climber is a must.

Base:  You earn 60% commissions over three tiers which is $240 per sale on your Tier 1.  If the need help closing the sale by a client for life coach, take off 20%.

Rise:  You earn 60% commission over three tiers which is $1,318 per sale.  If you need help closing the sale by a client for life coach, take off 20% off tier 1.

Ascend:  You earn 60% commissions over three tiers which is $6000 per sale.  If you need help closing the sale by a client for life coach, take off 20% off Tier 1.

Peak:  You earn 60% commissions over three tiers which is $10,200 per sale.  if you need help closing the sale by a client for life coach, take off 20% off Tier 1.

Apex:  You earn 60% commissions over three tiers making you $16,800 per sale.  If your coach closed the sale, take off 20% off Tier 1.

There is also a bulk pricing options if you want all the products at once…

Please Note: You can are not required to upgrade to go through all the steps. You can stay at $37 WALKER and still do all the steps.

– You are not required to purchase products.  But you must own the level to earn a commission on it.  If you don’t, your sponsor gets the commission. BUT... Once you reach a total sales volume of $9,985 of the RISE  product, you get upgraded for free. And this continues on at differing volume levels at each higher product, so you can EARN the products by simply selling them.

What I Liked About Digital Altitude?

-Powerful Training and coaches to call all of your leads on your behalf. This is great for the new and intermediate marketers who are afraid (or don’t like) of the phone.

-They have both training on FREE and Paid Marketing methods. They even hand hold you with the paid advertising training and don’t leave you playing the guessing game. There are no guaranteed paid sources of traffic but with the ‘extra’ training on paid advertising (along with in house ad packages), they take a lot of the guess work out leaving you with more room to find the ad packages that will actually work with your campaigns.

What I Didn’t Like?

Most people online have mindset issues. Most people will draw their own conclusions as to how much they are willing to pay for their Freedom.

If I ask most people nowadays how much they want to make…most will come up with a $10K per month figure.

But sadly most people want it to be free or next to nothing.

In the world of traditional business people are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a franchise or traditional business start up.

In traditional careers people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for an education (before they make any money at all).

But for some reason online…most people believe the same price and rules for success in other industries don’t apply to Internet Marketing.

So in a nutshell…

DA will end up attracting a lot of people who believe they are ‘entrepreneurial’ but many will still not apply the rules of success like…

1- Training (education).

2- Practical Experience (implementing the marketing training).

3- Perseverance (most people will quit any system online including DA) before they really get started.

So even though I strongly believe DA has what any marketer needs to succeed (training, coaches, tools etc), most people will only give it a half assed approach.

And the only reason would be due to ‘self’ limiting beliefs or the belief that IM in general is a gimmick or easy success. But in truth the same laws of success apply in this industry as in any other.

The only difference is this IM industry (and DA) allows you to ‘earn’ while you learn!

Should you join?

Some of the big ticket sticker prices may have scared you.

But the good news is you don’t have to purchase them all.

You can purchase only what your prepared to or can afford.

But the good news is if you are truly serious about ‘replacing’ your income, you can (or should have at least) position at the Rise Level. Rise costs $2,197 and pays out $1,318 based on 60% commissions. Yes the Rise is not cheap but it’s still affordable for the serious entrepreneur.

And it still can free you from your job (if that’s what your after).

How much is freedom from commuting or from your  job worth to you?

But if you are still dead set against the higher level products…Aspire is affordable to one and all!

Digital Altitude is a Marketing (and Entrepreneurial) Platform that is transforming the lives of many people right now. Believe it or not I have seen some very new (and green) marketers who have already managed to put some thousands of dollars in commission under their belt. Yes it’s true. How did they do it? By leveraging the power (and momentum) of this system.


The system is converting very well largely due to the idea of their revolutionary ‘Coach Assist’ Program.

Most new marketers are not good on the phone in regards to connecting and closing prospects.

With the Coach Assist program, you will have the ability of Experienced Coaches doing the phone and sales part of this business for you.

Do you want to ‘leverage’ this huge wave of momentum that is happening right now?

Yes DA is being compared to the Empower Networks Success (EN created over $200 Million in sales for affiliates who actively ran with them).

But you must realize that the people who made most of the money in EN were the people who ran and built their own little Empires from 2011 to 2013.

And the same thing is happening right now with DA.

I predict that DA will surpass Empower’s $200 Million in overall sales within the first two years alone.

But with all that said and done, you will have to make a commitment to yourself and business (along with sticking to the course you started) without quitting!

Success isn’t only open for some and not for others.

It’s open to everyone who is willing to pay the price (ethically) for it!

It’s a Universal Success Law.

Do you have to be smarter or have more experience to succeed with DA?

I am actually the Start Up Coach for my own personal team.

I have both new and intermediate marketers on my team. I am coaching some brand new marketers right now. One guy has never done online marketing before. Ever! But he is listening to my advice and direction. And right now all I have him doing is focusing on traffic.

And he is already generating traffic, leads and sales!

He isn’t a millionaire yet but he is on his way to Online Success!

Most people can be stubborn and won’t listen.

rory-singh-the-authorAnd here’s the kicker…

Some newbie guy or gal is going to come into DA with zero experience and become so successful that they will end up leaving a legacy behind for their family.

How will they do it?

By Staying the Course and Focusing!!

From time to time I get people (who have joined other marketers in DA) coming to me for help with their DA Business.

This happens a lot!

This may sound harsh but it needs to be said…

But I am very busy and ONLY have time to work with my ‘personally’ enrolled affiliates (my ‘own’ team).



  1. Thanks Rory for the blog review of DA. I have heard lots about it online. I think there are so many great businesses out there – the key is finding the best one for you. Thanks again for sharing 🙂

  2. Digital Altitude is an e-learning marketing business which aims to help people in scaling greatly and beginning a digital business. Thanks Rory for sharing review of digital altitude.

  3. Raire

    are you a coach can you coach me my coach is always unavailable and i need to quickly get this done to start making money

  4. Great review my friend. Always good to hear an honest opinion. Product reviews are a great way to let others, who know like and trust you make a well balanced decision. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Rory Singh,

    I’m Madeleine Bridges from Australia,
    I’m at the “Ascend Climber” level with DA,
    I currently have 1542 leads (no sales as yet) and a campaign running.
    I have purchased traffic from a reliable source, they guarantee 30% .
    I’m following up every day with Broadcasts to the list.
    Is anything else that you would advise me to do?
    Unfortunately, I donb’t know how to make videos.

    Thyank you so much for nyour time.

    Madeleine Bridges
    Queensland – Australia

    • Rory Singh

      Hi Madeleine. What you need to do is take a deep breath and maybe slow down a little. Making sales (with any system) isn’t just about marketing and leads. You may be putting out a lot of desperate energy (by seeing so many people making so much with the DA Platform). I would advise you to NOT try to ‘hammer’ your way to success. That will just work against you. Take a break from marketing for a day or so. And while you are doing so…contact your coach (or sponsor).

      Hope this makes sense.

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