CT Passive Review

Ct Passive Review
CT Passive Review

Can you make money with this investment platform? Who are the founders? Where are they located? What’s the compensation plan like? Do they have any product line? Are they legal?

CT Passive The Company:

This MLM Investment Platform was created on November 14, 2019 according to the domain (ctpassive.com) registration date.

According to their official You Tube channel, they are registered as part of C T Network Group PTY. LTD.

All this means in layman terms is that their parent company name is a registered Australian Corporation.

If you are an employee and don’t understand how this all works, then I’ll explain a little more…

CT Passive as a business name and identity does not seem to be a registered business or corporation.

The ONLY thing I see that they registered was the ‘parent’ company listed above.

■ Please Note: System owners usually like to make changes ‘after’ I do a review. Most likely they will remedy this problem very soon (hopefully).

CT Passive isn’t registered with the ASIC (securities regulatory in Australia) to legally offer securities in Australia (or any where else in the world where they will be promoted).

On the credibility side of things…

Australian Corporations certificates are dirt cheap and can be easily obtained for $36 / yr. You can see for yourself on the official Aussie Government website.

Get All The Details BEFORE Joining:

CT Passive The Founder:

When I first created this review back on January 10, 2020, the founder seemed to be ‘hiding’ behind the scenes anonymously.

Jarred Layton Ct Passive Founder
Jarred Layton CT Passive CEO and Founder

It was only until MLM Reviews started claiming that the system was anonymously owned was when this gentleman (Jarred Layton) appeared as the official owner.

According to him, he has a out 30 years of experience in Neywork Marketing dating way to when he first got started with Amway at the young age of 18.

According to a recent video by some of CT Passive’s Ambitious Affiliates, Jarred was asked if they needed to worry about the Company registering with The SEC and the like for longevity issues.

His reply was quite laughable…

He claimed that they don’t really need to since they are officially an ‘advertising’ company and NOT an Investment company.


CT Passive Investment and ROI

Well why on earth do they have words and pictures that explicitly showcase the idea of Investment, passive and ROI?

CT Passive Product Line:

They currently don’t have any retail able products or services, the only thing affiliates have to market is the Make Money ROI memberships themselves.

Now on the backend of memberships, they offer advertising credits that allow people to advertise their website links on the main website.

Ct Passive Compensation Plan:

Invest $5 in Ad Credits and receive a 1.5% daily ROI over 100 days.

■ 50% of ROI must be reinvested back into the platform.

CT Passive Affiliate Marketing Program (referral commissions):

They are paying out referral commissions using a Uniline Compensation Plan to a depth of 5 levels deep:

Level 1- 8%

Level 2- 4%

Level 3 to Level 5- 1%


I feel like this is a very high risk type of platform that is not set up for the long term.

I predict that the great majority of passive investors will lose money.

I don’t recommend CT Passive and ctpassive.com.


Too many Red Flags:

1- No proof of registration with ASIC, SEC or any other Government body securities regulatory any where on the planet.

2- FTC (or its equivalent) Issue: CT Passive has no retail able products or services. In the eyes of the authorities, this is a Ponzi Scheme.

3- External Revenue: There doesn’t seem to be any real proof that this company has any.

The ONLY real Revenue that can be seen going into this platform is from new Investment (recruitment) to pay the older investors (people at the top / marketers of influence and admins ETC).

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