Cryptzek Review

In this Review, find out who the founders are, what kind of Products they have, Compensation Plan and Start up costs…

Cryptzek Reviews – The Company:

Unfortunately I can’t figure out who owns and runs this system. There is no President, CEO, Founders, CFO, CMO or even a Leadership Council.

No one claiming any ownership or leadership of this company system and platform on their own website legally.

Cryptzek seems to be anonymously owned.

When ever the people who own a money making system are failing to disclose their identities, they are hiding from something and don’t want to be liable for legal issues.

Cryptzek Product Line: They don’t have any retail products and services. The only thing that affiliates have to market is the make money Crypto ROI membership itself.

Crytzek Compensation Plan:

The compensation plan is quite simple. They are promising investors an hourly or daily ROI in exchange for your hard earned money.

Cryptzek has 4 Investment plans to choose from:

1- Premium: Invest $500 (or more), promise of 104 5 % in just 2 hours.

2- Silver Plan: Invest $300 (or more), promise of 105% ROI in 2 days.

3- Gold: Invest $700 (or more), promise of 107% ROI in 5 days.

4- Ultra: Investment of $1,000, promise of 109% ROI in 7 days.

Cryptzek Referral Commissions:

Referral commissions are paid out using a uni-level compensation plan. They claim to be paying out to 2 levels (or tiers) deep.

Level 1- 10%

Level 2- They have not disclosed (or forgot to) on their website (

Cost To Join Crptzek:

1- Free to join for all the Network Marketing professionals. But if you join for free, you can only earn referral commissions.

2- $500 (or more) if you are a passive person only looking for passive income.

Crptzek Review Conclusion:

There are just too many red flags in place with this system to recommend it.

I give it a 1 out of 5 stars because there is just way too many unanswered questions.

Red Flag No. 1- Anonymous Ownership.

Red Flag No. 2- Cryptzek anonymous admins claim on their website that this investment opportunity is legally set up in the United States of America.

They have even given an ACRA Registration number 10874403.

The first thing… ACRA is a commission located in Singapore.

Second… If you actually go to the ACRA website portal, you can look this registration number (10874403) and nothing comes up for it.

Third… They have not shown any proof that they are legally set up anywhere in the world to offer securities to any investors (legally).

4th- No Product Line. Since this is Network Marketing, in the eyes of the Federal Trades Commission, Cryptzek would be deemed an illegal Ponzi Scheme.

This concludes my Cryptzek Review.

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