CryptoCash Nation Review

Crypto Cash Nation ReviewIs CryptoCash Nation a real investment opportunity or just another Ponzi Scheme that won’t last very long? Before joining anything online you should know what kind of things to look for that will ensure longevity and sustainability.

On the same token, you will also need to see the red flags and other early warning tell tale signs of a system that isn’t set up for the long run (or your best interests).

Okay let’s get right into this review…

CryptoCash Nation the Company:

I went over to their website at and can not figure out who is running this company and platform.

There is no listed President, CE0, Founders, Chief Marketing officer or any leadership council.

The domain was registered on December 30, 2017 by a Jill Field who used a British Columbia, Canada address.

I tried to look up more information on in regards to this person but was unsuccessful.

After doing some more research I found a video presentation of CryptoCash Nation on the web and it seemed to give the impression that a person by the name of Thomas Fraser  (out of BC as well) was a co-founder of this platform .

As to why Fraser or Field’s names are not publicly displayed on the corporate site is unknown.

CryptoCash Nation Product Line:

They have absolutely no products or services that are retailable at the moment. The only thing their affiliates and distributors have to market is the make money membership itself.

CryptoCash Nation Compensation Plan:

Their comp plan is quite simple…

Investors have to pay a $15 ongoing membership fee in order to be eligible for earnings.

Your first 2 sales have to be passed up and then it seems that you are able to keep $5 per week for every person that you sponsor into this system.

*Please note:

You will be paid out in CryptoCash Nation’s in house currency that is called DASH.

Usually if the company isn’t publicly traded, then their currency or points system holds no value outside of the platform.

Cost to Join CryptoCash Nation:

1- $15  per week.

2- Free. However their isn’t much info in regards to how someone could get started here for free and earn an income.


I don’t recommend this platform since there are too many red flags in place:

1- Anonymous owners. Yes a person by the name of Thomas Fraser seems to exist but there doesn’t seem to be anything that legally ties him to ownership of this company.

2- No outside source of ‘proven’ revenue. The only source of revenue seems to be sponsoring and recruitment.

As recruitment dies down with these types of systems, they end up crashing taking the bulk of the profits with it (to the anonymous owners).

If you do decide to try this CryptoCash Nation system out, tread carefully and be sure to use your discretion.

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