Crypto Wealth Portfolio Review

Crypto Wealth Portfolio ReviewRead this review written by someone not trying to sell it to you. Why is this important? Because you will get unbiased information instead of ‘just’ the sugar coating.

Do you know what you should be looking for to find a ‘sustainable’ income platform?

Well hopefully you are smarter than the 97% who are falling for empty promises…

Learn how to spot the warning signs and red flags that will not just take your money…

But your hard earned efforts as Well!

Crypto Wealth Portfolio The Company:

I went over to their website at and could not figure out who is running this company.

There was no President, CEO, Founders or even any leadership council on this website ‘claiming’ any ownership at all.

I did find an address however.

It was an address that’s linked to a virtual office space provider called “Office Squad” (from Las Vegas).

And it also seems that Crypto Wealth Portfolio is also incorporated in Nevada.

The listed owner of this incorporation is Jeff Crane who is from the state of Utah.

So it may seem that Crypto Wealth Portfolio may be located in Las Vegas in name only.

If Jeff is still residing in Utah, this is most likely the location of ‘physical’ operations.

I am just wandering why Jeff Crane didn’t include his name as owner on the main website (if he is indeed the owner)?

Crypto Wealth Portfolio Product Line:

They have no products or services that are retailable at the moment. The only thing their affiliates and distributors have to market is the make money membership itself.

Crypto Wealth Portfolio Compensation Plan:

They are using a 2 X 2 Matrix Bitcoin Cycler.

-$25 gets you a position on top of one of these Matrices.

-They have 10 Matrices in all that they call ‘profit centres ‘(tiers).

-Directly below you are 2 positions that you will need to fill by recruitment.

-Each profit centre houses 6 positions.

-Positions are supposed to be filled directly and indirectly.

-Once all 6 positions are filled in each Matrix, a ‘cycle’ is generated and a commissions is paid out.

*The cycle also pays for a position on the next Matrix (or profit centre) and the process starts all over again.

Here is the breakdown of each profit centre (labelled from profit centre 1 – 10):

1- Cost $25 – $75 Payout

2- Cost $50 – $150 Payout

3- Cost $100 – $300 Payout

4- Cost $200 – $600 Payout

5- Cost $400 – $1,200 Payout

6- Cost $800 – $2,400 Payout

7- Cost $1,600 – $4,800 Payout

8- Cost $3,200 – $9,600 Payout

9- $6,400 – $19,200 Payout

10- $12,800 – $38,400 Payout

**You as an investor have the option of buying a position on of the higher level Profit Centres.

**For people who can’t fill their first 2 positions below them (their qualifiers), they will only be able to earn 50% commissions.


I personally don’t recommend this Crypto Wealth Portfolio system.


Too many red flags!

1- Anonymous owners. Yes someone named Jeff Crane may be the real owner (or one of the admins).

But his name is not tied ‘legally’ to the main website.

2- No products or services. The authorities would deem this as an illegal Ponzi Scheme and can close it down (if push ever comes to shove).

3- Matrix Comp Plan: Most of these companies and systems usually claim that positions get filled directly and indirectly.

Look, the ONLY people who ever make real progress and money with Matrices are the people who can recruit!

And Lastly…

Once recruitment dies down, the system collapses (and the great majority of people who want to make money without recruiting) usually end up losing their money.

Have you ever recruited anyone into a Matrix deal?

I have!

Do you know what most people do (after you recruit them)?

Most (99.9%) will sit around to ‘see’ if they will get paid BEFORE they are willing to do any work!

Thanks for reading!

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