Cryptotrain Trading Review

Crypto Train Trading Review

Cryptotrain Trading – The Company:

Their domain is This website seems to be listing a gentleman by the name of Dr Jacob Hann as the “CEO and Founder”. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any information about this person outside of the Crypto Train Trading Website.

Even on their website they are not giving any pictures or bio of this person.

Other reviewers are speculating that this person in question may not even exist given the ‘lack’ of information on him on the Internet.

According to the company, they opened Publicly on June 17, 2019.

They are even sporting a UK Incorporation Certificate on the home page for purposes of ‘credibility’. UK Incorporation certificates can be easily obtained by anyone who has access to an address in the UK.

To me personally, I don’t think much of them.


Because I live in Canada and can easily obtain one for myself.

Cryptotrain Trading Product Line:

Unfortunately they don’t have any ‘retail-able’ products or services at the moment. The only thing one of their affiliates / network marketers have to market or promote is the make money ROI memberships themselves.

Cryptotrain Trading Compensation Plan:

Cryptotrain Trading Has 6 Investment Plans to Choose From (that promise an ROI based on a 52 week duration):

1- Entry Plan: Investment of $30. Promise of 9.1% ROI per week.

2- Bronze Plan: Investment of $100. Promise of 9.1% ROI per week.

3- Silver Plan: Investment of $300. Promise of 9.8% ROI per week.

4- Gold Plan: Investment of $500. Promise of 9.8% ROI per week.

5- Diamond Plan: Investment of $1,500. Promise of 10.5% ROI per week.

6- VIP Plan: Investment of $5,000. Promise of 10.5% ROI per week.

**It seems that the more you are willing to invest, the higher your ROI promise will be.

Cryptotrain Trading Video Review:

Cryptotrain Trading Referral Commissions:

They are using a Uni line Compensation Plan and are paying out on 5 Tiers Deep:

Tier 1- (Personally sponsored investors): 11%

Tier 2- 5%

Tier 3- 4%

Tier 4- 3%

Tier 5- 2%

Cryptotrain Trading Residual Commissions:

They are using a Binary Matrix plan to payout residuals. Your performance along with your ability to ‘sponsor and recruit’ will impact your earning potential.

Cost to Join Cryptotrain?

If you are a Professional Network Marketer, you can join for free. However if you join only at the Free levels, you can only make ‘referral’ commissions.

In order to fully participate in the MLM side of things (residual and passive earning), you’re looking at an minimum investment of $30 right up to a maximum of $5,000.

Conclusion of My Cryptotrain Trading Review:

Usually with these types of systems, the great majority of people running them (admins) usually remain ‘anonymous’.

And when ever we actually see them naming people as founders, CEO or the like, you can surely bet that 99.9% of the time they are made up names of people who do not exist.

Maybe there is a Dr Jacob Hann. But where is any publicized information about this person?

I know I can’t find any.

Incorporation Certificates (like the one they have on their website is very cheap to buy and easily obtained all over the world.

All someone needs is access to a Virtual Office address in the UK (that comes with a physical UK address) in order to get this certificate.

red flags

Red Flag No.1: Anonymous Owners. Dr Jacob Hann could very well be a ‘made up name’.

Red Flag No.2: Illegal Securities Offering. Cryptotrain Trading doesn’t seem to be registered in any jurisdiction (any where in the world) to legally offer securities.

Red Flag No.3: They have no proof that any trading actually exists as ‘External’ Revenue to payout investors. The ONLY verifiable revenue coming into this platform and company seems to be coming from the ‘Referral’ side of things…

From the Sponsoring of ‘new’ investors to payout the older ones!


I don’t recommend Cryptotrain Trading because there are too many red flags in place and too many unanswered questions.

In business, if it’s PROFIT and Returns that you are after, it’s very important to know who you are locking arms with!

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