BTC Global Team Review – Warning! Read This Before Joining!

Is BTC Global Team a legitimate investment platform or just another well thought up scam to get your hard earned money?

Let’s find out…

I went over to their corporate website and for the life of me couldn’t figure out who is behind this new platform called BTC Global Team.

The website itself doesn’t have any owners, founders, President, CEO, chief, Cook or even bottle washer.




One thing I can say for sure is that who ever is really behind this company are Masters of remaining anonymous.

The domain itself was privately registered on Aug 11th, 2017.

There is a name and image of a sharp looking individual who resembles the famous UK champion footballer David Beckham.

Could good ole Dave be getting into BTC side deals outside of soccer and his spice wife?


Just had to make a little joke.

The image on the BTC Global Team site is supposedly a veteran trader named Steven Twain.

I could not find any real proof that Twain exists outside of the BTC Global Team circle.

This makes me even wander if he really exists.

The only picture that they have of him seems kind of peculiar since he isn’t looking directly into the camera.

He seems kind of uncomfortable getting his picture taken which is kind of odd since any person who a company is trying to pan off as their founder would be interested in portraying an image of trust.

Steven Twain (according to their company) has 6 years overall experience trading in binary options.

They also claim that he has experienced consistent success for the past 3 years.

And now he is providing services for big thinking investors who want to invest with $10K and up.

Twain’s photo is also featured in a recently deleted Instagram account.

2 years ago Twain’s Instagram account was used to market a previous investment opportunity that was paying out 10 to 15% commissions weekly.

Five months ago  (back in July) Twain was found advertising a 10% per week ROI BTC investment deal on a job website in South Africa.

Why would a professional trader be trying to advertise to people looking for jobs?

Around that same time someone named Henry Obianyo was also promoting a 10% weekly ROI investment deal using Twain’s Facebook profile.

Obianyo is from Nigeria.

Twain’s deleted Instagram account had an image that displayed the Nigerian Naira exchange currency.

Twain’s Facebook profile does exist but was only created back in August (when the BTC Global Team domain itself was created).

Originally it was being used to market a system called BTC Financials.

Then for what ever reason the name was eventually  changed to BTC Global Team.

Now I am beginning to wander if there really is a Steven Twain or is Henry Obianyo pretending to be him?

Product Line:

They currently have no retailable products or services.  The only thing and affiliate has to promote is the membership itself.

Compensation Plan:

They are guaranteeing a 14% weekly ROI.

Referral Commission:

They are offering to pay up to five levels or tiers deep based off of a Uniline Compensation Plan.

Tier 1- 5% (personally sponsored affiliates)

Tier 2 – 4%

Tier 3 – 3%

Tier 4 – 1%

Tier 5 – 0.5%


BTC has no products or services outside of the affiliate membership itself along with anonymous owners.

This most certainly is a Ponzi scheme.


I don’t recommend this opportunity to anyone because it has too many red flags!

And on top of that…

Anything that promises you an income for nothing is a red flag!!

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