Bravad0 BRV Points Review

Lots of buzz seems to be circulating around the Net lately about Bravad0. This bold review was written by someone NOT trying to sell it to you. Just the facts…Is this a legitimate investment? Or is this just another scam designed to get your money? Read this now before joining if it’s fire your boss income that you are after!

Before you can replace your income online, you need to know what to look for in a ‘sustainable’ system. On the flip side you will also need to learn how to spot the ‘warning’ signs of a platform that won’t last long or perform well enough to stand the test of time.

Okay let’s get into this Bravad0 Review…

The Company:

I went over to their website at and can’t seem to figure out who is running this company. No President, CEO, CMO, Co-Fouders or any leadership council. No one claiming any ownership of this company on their corporate website.

Bravad0 Product Line:

They have absolutely no retailable products or services at the moment. The only thing that their affiliates, reps and distributors have to market is the make money ROI membership itself.

Bravad0 Compensation Plan:

What I liked about this comp plan is it’s nice and simple…

You as an investor will have to purchase what they call BRV Points from the company at a cost of up to 90 cents each. Then in turn lend them back to the company for an ROI.

Bravad0 doesn’t seem to use the words ‘Lend’ or ‘Lending’ on their website (maybe for legal reasons). However they do say that all of the BRV Points that you purchase will be ‘Parked’ into a Rewards Program and will produce a daily ROI.

Referral Commissions:

Bravad0 seems to be paying out referral commissions on 2 Levels using a Uni-line Compensation Plan…

Level 1- Earn 7% (personally sponsored investors, affiliates, distributors ETC).

Level 2- Earn 3%

Cost to Join:

1- Free (but you can only earn referral income).

2- Invest into the Bravad0 platform by purchasing their BRV Points. The minimum investment isn’t specified on their site at the time of doing this review.


Arbitrage Trading BOT?

What this platform seems to be is another HYIP MLM type of deal that revolves around sponsoring and recruitment for revenue. Bravad0 seems to be claiming that they have a Bot that creates revenue by ‘Arbitrage’ trading. However after watching a video presentation on you tube (by a guy named “Jay”), it seems to be inaccurate information.

In that video Jay explains that the bot actually goes out to different Exchanges and comes back to Bravad0 with ‘Data’.

This data gives Bravad0 members information on ‘Potential’ trading opportunities and it seem to be up to the members to ‘manually’ initiate their own Arbitrage Trading.

The bot is not responsible for creating the revenue. What seems to be creating revenue is the ‘recruitment’ of investors into the platform (recruiting new investors to create revenue to pay out the older ones).

Once recruitment dies down (or if the authorities shut them down), the system collapses leaving most people with losses.

Successful Entrepreneurs take risks but ONLY ‘Calculated’ Ones.

Take risk only when ever it’s in your favor.

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If it’s fire your boss type of income that you are after, then you NEED a Legitimate System that will pay you what they promise along with something that will be around for the long run! This system will not only provide you with an Opportunity to create income for yourself but also the training that you will need to become successful online.

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