BitCase Review – What They Don’t Want You To Know

So what’s the real truth behind this new platform called Bitcase? A lot of these new investments surrounding the idea of legit cryptocurrency trading and mining seem to be coming out of the woodwork lately.

Is this really a system where you can finally make some real returns off of your hard earned money or just another Ponzi designed to get your hard earned money?

Let’s find out…

I went over to their corporate website and the first thing that I noticed was that no one owns it, runs it or even leads it.

No President, CEO, chief marketing officer.


I looked up a search regarding their domain and it seem brand spanking new…just registered on November 8th, 2017.

Unfortunately it is privately registered so still… the owners have done their very best to remain anonymous.

I did manage to find a Official Facebook Page of this company and platform called Bitcase.

It was created on November 9th, 2017 and linked to what seems like a brand new FB profile.

The profile owner is named Mark Rogers AKA…Mr Rogers.

However, I will go out on a limb here and say that this looks like a fake profile.

It was created on the same date as the official Facebook group and has never posted anything other than promotional material regarding Bitcase.

Mr Rogers only posts stuff about BitCase and the investing opportunities.

Compensation Plan:

They have 3 plans to choose from…

1- Invest 0.005 btc – 0.29 btc and receive a daily ROI of 2.3% over a 7 day period.

2- Invest 0.3 to 3.09 BTC and receive a 2.7% daily roi over a 14 day period.

3- Invest 3.1 to 10 BTC and receive a 0.17% hourly roi over 672 hours or 28 days.

This is the first time I have ever heard of someone offering an hourly roi!

BitCase Referral commissions:

They are paying out on 2 tiers or levels.

Tier 1 – (personally sponsored affiliates) 4%.

Tier 2 – 2%.

Cost to Join:

They claim that it is free to join but in reality nothing is free in life and especially in business.

In order to fully participate in the investment side of things…it will cost you at the least 0.005 BTC.


I personally wouldn’t recommend this platform to anyone.


There are clearly too many red flags…

1- BitCase claims that they create revenue to pay investors based off of legitimate trading and BTC mining.

But they fail to prove this.

2- Anonymous Owners. ┬áThis seems to be the going trend nowadays but even so, this is business and a real business will let you know exactly who they are especially if they are asking you for money (don’t you think)?

3- Promise of Income: Anything that promises you an income for nothing is a red flag!

Especially online!


This looks like a Ponzi scheme.

These types of schemes end up crashing as recruitment dies down or they get shut down by the authorities.

Or if they decide to run off with your money.

And that is the main reasons why owners remain anonymous…they don’t want to be held ‘liable’ for anything.

Revenue is being created from sponsoring and recruitment…

From new investors to pay old investors.

It will inevitably crash.

It’s not a question of if but when.

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