My Bitbybit Empire Review – Legitimate System or Scam?

My Bitbybit Empire ReviewFind out what you really need to know about My bitbybit Empire before joining! Can you make money with this new company? Do they have really good compensation and product? Or is this just another scam to get your money?

Let’s find out…

The Company and Founder:

I went over to their website and could not figure out who is running this show.

No Founders, CEO, President, Chief Marketing Officer or even Leadership Council.




This got me thinking that the person (or people) behind this company don’t want to be known.

They seem to be wanting to remain anonymous!

Then I asked the question…

Why is that?

Entrepreneurs Take Only Calculated Risks:

If you have a job right now then you work for an Entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs take ONLY ‘calculated’ decisions with low risk!

Your boss right now (if you have a job), the owner of the company ETC, most likely does business with other companies. But could you imagine them doing business with people who were doing their very best to hide behind the scenes?

Most likely your boss wouldn’t dare do that.

That’s just not something successful Entrepreneurs do!

Chuck DhueyI did a domain search and found out that My Bitbybit Empire (the domain) was privately registered on June 8th, 2017.

I did some more digging around online and found out that there seems to be rumors that this company is linked to 2 other systems…4 Corners Alliance and Fortune Maker (

If this is true then this would link a gentlemen from Wisconsin named Charles (Chuck) Dhuey as the owner since he is the listed owner of the Fortune Maker domain.

Product Line:

At the moment My Bitbybit Empire has no retailable products or services to offer. The only thing affiliates have to market is the membership it self (that is linked to an Email List builder).

Earn Bit Coins With My Bitbybit Empire?

They seem to have been putting out some kind of marketing slogan…

Imagine Getting Bit Coins ‘Risk’ Free?


I don’t recommend this new opportunity and system.


There are just too many red flags!

Red Flag No.1 – Anonymous Owners. Yes maybe Charles is the owner. However if so, why is he doing his very best to not be linked to My Bitbybit Empire? Most likely people who want to remain anonymous are trying to hide from something…Liabilities!

If anything goes wrong, they don’t want to be ‘held’ responsible.

Red Flag No.2 – The demise of Four Corners Alliance. Four Corners (in my personal opinion) had way more potential than this new opportunity. Four Corners started back in the beginning of 2013 and closed its doors in the beginning of 2016. It only ran for 3 years in spite of the huge wave of momentum it had.

Now if Four Corners only lasted that long, then I don’t think this system will last either.

Red Flag No.3 – The idea of people earning BTC risk free just by joining this system. Bit Coins are going for over $10,000 (at the time of writing this review of My Bitbybit Empire). Are some rich people (who managed to actually invest into Bit Coins when they were cheap to purchase) just going to share some with you out of the kindness of their heart because you are joining this new email list building deal?

I’ll let you answer that question yourself.

Ponzi Schemes usually end up crashing due to:

1- Recruitment dies down.

2- Authorities shut them down.

3- System owners close down after deciding to run away with your money.

Sadly it’s not a question of If but WHEN!

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